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Washington County, Florida in 1842 - Historical Transcriptions on Washington County, Florida - Historical Transcriptions on Washington County, Florida
The following Washington County historical items were transcribed from the 1842 issues of
various U.S. newspapers:

September 20, 1842
The North American and Daily Advertiser
Page 2

A letter to the Tallahassee Sentinel, from Marianna, dated Sept. 3, 1841, states that a family by
the name of Perkins, was murdered by the Indians on the 29th or 30th ult. at Hickory Hill. Mr. P.,
his wife and two children were killed, another of the children was so badly wounded that no
hope of his recovery is entertained; and a son, about eleven years old, made his escape,
although closely pursued by the savages.

The attack was made about day-break. The boy who escaped says there were about ten
Indians in the company. They used arrows instead of guns. The house was plundered and
burnt. They got a rifle and some powder and lead.

A party was immediately despatched in search of the Indians. On the 1st inst. they discovered
them. The Indians proffered them a fight, and boasted of having killed a family, and could whip
them. One of the whites fired upon and killed an Indian. The Indians were twelve in number.

September 27, 1842
The Republican Farmer (Vermont)
Page 2

More Indian Murders. – A family by the name of Perkins, residing about seventeen miles from
Marianna, Jackson county, (Florida,) were most inhumanly murdered by the Indians about the
first of this month. Mr. Perkins, his wife and four children, were murdered in a most brutal
manner. – One child escaped after being wounded by an arrow shot. Three gentlemen started
in pursuit from Holme’s Valley, came up with them, eight or nine in number, when the Indians
came and told them that they would give them a “fair fight.” Mr. Ja’s Long fired into their midst,
and one Indian was observed to fall. The Indians gathered around their fallen comrade, when
the pursuing party made their retreat with safety.
Transcriptions by Dale Cox
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