Moss Hill Methodist Church
Constructed before the Civil
War, Moss Hill was a place of
worship for Holmes Valley.
Falling Waters State Park
These timbers were once part
of a mill powered by the fall at
Falling Waters State Park.
Washington County, Florida - History and Historic Sites - Historic Sites of Washington County, Florida - Historic Sites of Washington County, Florida
Welcome to our special section featuring
information on the history of Washington
County, Florida and details on some of its
unique historic sites.

Established by the Florida Territorial Council
on December 28, 1829, Washington County
is located in the hill and lake country of
Northwest Florida. Native Americans lived in
the county for thousands of years and its
recorded history dates back more than 300
years to the days of the Spanish explorers
and missionaries.

The Spanish mission of San Carlos was
located in Washington County during the
1600s and in later years British traders and
eventually American pioneers lived along
Holmes Creek.

The county played an important role in the
Second Seminole War and was the location
of pioneer forts and battle sites. Moss Hill
Methodist Church, built near a Seminole War
stockade, was a landmark well before the
Civil War. A significant raid passed through
Washington County during the Civil War and
local home guards were captured in a small
but tragic battle.
The Vine that Ate Dixie!
Chipley holds a unique botanical distinction
as the city that gave the infamous Kudzu vine
to the South!
The Possum Monument
This unique memorial faces
State Highway 77 in Wausau,
Historic Sites of
Washington County, Florida
Legends and Ghost Stories of
Washington County, Florida
The Battle of Vernon
On September 28, 1864, the
men and boys of Washington
County fought a large force of
Union raiders.
Historical Records and Archives
Washington County, Florida
Moss Hill
Methodist Church
To learn more about one of
Florida's oldest standing
click here.
The Battle of
Vernon, Florida
To learn more about
Washington County's Civil
War battle,
click here.
The Legend of the Lime Sink
One of Washington County's best known
ghost stories, this story has been part of the
folklore of Chipley for many years and is based
in actual history.
Click Here to Read More.
Falling Waters
State Park
To learn more about Florida's
tallest waterfall and Falling
click here.
Site of Early
Oil Exploration
To learn more about the site
of one of Florida's first oil
click here.
Follow these buttons to read transcriptions of
records and articles about historical events in
Washington County:
The Fiddling Ghost of Boynton Island
There is an old story that strange music can be
heard from the swamps of the Choctawhatchee River
in Washington County.
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The Washington County Volcano
One of Washington County's more unique legends
tells the story of a volcano that once erupted from a
local hilltop. Is it true or not?
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The Possum Monument
Wausau, Florida
To learn more about Florida's
most unusual monument,
Follow these links to learn more about
important events and places in the history of
Washington County:
San Carlos de Chacatos
A 17th Century Spanish
Mission in Washington County,
Historic Downtown
Chipley, Florida
To learn more about Chipley's
rich railroad history,
W.D. Chipley Monument
Chipley, Florida
To learn more about the man
who brought Chipley to life,
Downtown Chipley
Rich in history, Chipley's
unique downtown is centered
around the railroad that gave
the town its life.
Pioneer Forts
A number of log forts protected
Washington County's early
The Battle of Vernon
A detailed account of the Battle
of Vernon, fought on Hard
Labor Creek in 1864.
Washington County is the location of some of
the most beautiful and unique landmarks in
Florida. Among these is Falling Waters State
Park, home to the tallest waterfall in the state
and a unique geological setting of sinks and

To learn more about Washington County, its
history and its fascinating historic sites,
please follow the numerous links on this
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