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Washington County, Florida in 1828 - Historical Transcriptions on Washington County, Florida - Historical Transcriptions on Washington County, Florida
The following Washington County historical items were transcribed from the 1828 issues of the
Pensacola Gazette:

March 28, 1828
Page 3


Port of Pensacola.


17th: - Barge Domestic, Holmes’ Valley; with 35 bales cotton.


April 25, 1828
Page 1

“An act to organize and regulate the Militia of the Territory.

Be it enacted by the Governor and Legislative Council of the Territory of Florida, That every able
bodied free white male inhabitant of the Territory, between the ages of eighteen and forty five
years, who shall have resided in the same, four weeks, shall be liable to be enrolled and
perform militia duty; excepting, nevertheless, Judges of the District Courts and their Marshals,
Justices of the Peace, Sheriffs, Clerks, Post Masters, Mail Carriers, Ferrymen, Clergymen,
Physicians, Teachers of Public Seminaries and Schools, and Keepers of Jails, who, in time of
peace, are hereby exempted from militia duty.

Sec. 10. Be it further enacted, That the…the eighth regiment shall comprise the militia of the
counties of Walton and Washington….

Passed January 18, 1828
Approved January 19, 1828


May 2, 1828
Page 2

Improvement of Florida. – In order to show the progress of our Territory, we give below a
comparative view of the --- amount of postages accruing at some of the principal Post Offices of
Florida, in the years 1826 and 1827 – taken from the statements of the Post Master General,
transmitted to Congress.

Holmes’ Valley,             1826                    .84
“                                        1827                35.91


August 27, 1828
Page 3

A new List of the Post Offices in the United States, and Book of Post Office Laws, Instructions,
and Forms, have lately been issued by the Post Master General; exhibiting the State of Post
Offices, on the 1st of June, 1828. By this it appears that the total number of Post Offices, in
operation, at that date was Seven thousand, five hundred and twenty-three; being an increase of
five hundred and twenty within a year.

The following is a list of the Post Offices in Florida.

OFFICES                      COUNTIES                DISTRICTS

Holmes’ Valley           Washington                Western
St. Andrew’s Bay        Washington                Western


September 16, 1828
Page 4


All persons are warned against trading for a Negro Boy, by the name of Ceasar, Formerly the
property of Joseph B. Bryan, of Washington County, Florida.

Ceasar is about eighteen years of age, five feet three or four inches high, dark complected, well
set – is the property of Wade H. Ball, of Georgia. It is feared, that either Bryan, or a man by the
name of Hathaway, will run off and sell the said Negro, as he is kept concealed by said Bryan,
so that the owner cannot get him.

N. Wamble,
Att’y for W.H. Ball.
Holmes’ Valley, 20th August.


October 20, 1828
Page 4

Administrator’s Notice.

Isaac Pittman Senr. Has applied to me for letters of Administration on the estate of George
Keith deceased. These are to notify those concerned that after six weeks I shall grant letters.

Thos. M. Bush.
Holmes’ Valley August 14th, 1828
Transcriptions by Dale Cox
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