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Washington County, Florida in 1832 - Historical Transcriptions on Washington County, Florida - Historical Transcriptions on Washington County, Florida
The following Washington County historical items were transcribed from the 1832 issues of
various U.S. newspapers:

June 12, 1832
The Tallahassee Floridian
Page 4

Valuable Property for Sale....

...1 Frame store at the head of St. Andrews’ Bay two stories high, 50 by 30 feet.
1 Do. 1 story 60 by 28 feet.


A Saw and Grist Mill on the River Econfina, 10 miles from the head of St. Andrews’ Bay, - with a
dwelling house, Overseers house, Cart Houses, Corn cribs, Smoke house, and negro houses.
The saw mill is finished to run a gang of 6 saws, and a single saw, with a never failing stream of
water sufficient for works doubly extensive, - there is likewise on the same quarter section, about
80 acres of good Hammock land partly cleared.

The above property will be sold in such parcels as may suit purchasers, for cash, or credit, with
satisfactory security.

For further particulars apply to Charles A. Sewall, in Webbville, or to me at Appalachicola Bay,
before July 1st, and at St. Andrews’ Bay afterwards.

Appalachicola, May 29, 1832
Transcriptions by Dale Cox
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