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Washington County, Florida in 1869-1870 - Historical Transcriptions on Washington County, Florida - Historical Transcriptions on Washington County, Florida
The following Washington County historical items were transcribed from the 1869 issues of
various U.S. newspapers:

November 23, 1869
The New York Herald
Page 4

WASHINGTON, Oct. 22. – Gen. Kryzanowski, Supervisor of Georgia and Florida, reports under
date of October 12, that Jackson and Washington counties, in Florida, are under the control of
an armed mob, which has risen to prevent the execution of the revenue laws. The leader of this
mob is one James P. Coker, who is represented to be a wealthy and influential man. He has
threatened Assistant-Assessor Lowe of Marianna with personal violence, and has challenged
him to fight; and the officer writes to the Supervisor that he can only canvass his district at the
hazard of his life. Assessor Wilson writes corroborating his assistant’s statements. The
Collector of Customs at Jacksonville, Florida, J.A. Dockery, writes to Supervisor Kryzanowski,
that the State Tax Collector and his wife had been brutally murdered in Washington county,
adjoining Jackson county, since the 3d instant, and that the Deputy Collectors and Assistant
Assessors of Internal Revenue are in iminent danger. The Supervisor has called for Troops. –

The Government will, of course, lose no time in dealing sternly with the ruffians who have risen
in Georgia (sic.) against the execution of the revenue laws. They have prefaced their work by
murder, and mean to do worse, unless we teach them that all the crimes of the Decalogue are
not to be committed in the name of liberty. The assassins who killed seven men in Jackson
county, and brutally murdered the State Tax Collector and his wife in Washington county, can
offer no plea whatever. Our laws are not murder-provoking, nor are our authorities, and the time
has surely come when our Southern States should be protected not so much from disloyalty as
from rampant villainy.


May 10, 1870
The Georgia Weekly Telegraph (Macon)
Page 2

The Columbus
Sun of Wednesday extracts from the Marianna (Fla.) Courier a letter written by
Mr. John M. F. Erwin, of Greenwood, Fla., giving an account of the capsizing, in St. Andrews Bay,
on Saturday night, the 16th ult., of the sloop Mental. Four persons – Captain W.A. Farley, Mr.
Martin, A.B. Luse, collector of the Port, and John Percell – were on board, all of whom, except
Percell, were drowned. Captain Farley was formerly a ctizen of Jackson County, Fla. Mr. Martin
was formerly a citizen of Decatur county, Ga., but resided in the Gainer settlement in Florida.
Captain Luse was from Wisconsin, and had been collector of the Port of St. Andrews Bay for
twelve months.
Transcriptions by Dale Cox
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