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Washington County, Florida in 1829-1830 - Historical Transcriptions on Washington County, Florida - Historical Transcriptions on Washington County, Florida
The following Washington County historical items were transcribed from the 1829 issues of the
Pensacola Gazette:

October 20, 1829
Page 1

Thursday, November 5th.

A nomination from the Governor, appointing SAMUEL GAINER a Justice of the Peace for
Washington County, was received; and the nomination confirmed.


January 9, 1830
Page 1

To alter and change the time of holding the County Court of Washington and Walton counties.

Be it enacted by the Governor and Legislative Council of the Territory of Florida, That the county
courts of the county of Washington, shall hereafter be held on the second Mondays of March
and September in each and every year, at Stephen Roach’s bluff on Holmes’ creek until the
county seat for said county shall have been permanently established.

Passed 16th November, 1829.


January 9, 1830
Page 2.

...The lands on the Choctawhatchy, a river which discharges itself into St. Rosa’s bay, are
known to be fertile. It has been lately explored by several gentlemen from Alabama, part of
whom crossed the Conecuh, and the Yellow Water, and part ascended the sound to the
entrance of the Bay of St. Rosa. They report very favorably of the country, and the prevailing
opinion at present is, that there are extensive bodies of good lands upon the rivers just
mentioned. The produce of those lands will of course be brought to Pensacola, and will
increase its commerce beyond this country, and towards the Appalachicola, there is a large
body of fine land called the Chipola, situated upon a river of that name, but which is not traced
upon any map. The produce of this country will also be brought to Pensacola, either by the
Appelachecola, or the Choctawhatchy; the settlements will at all events, be more or less
dependant on this place. Thus, if we were even to admit that the whole of our pine lands are
uninhabitable and useless, yet here is a sufficient extent of the very finest soil necessarily
dependent on this place, to nourish an extensive commerce. I place out of view the probably
consequences, of this town rising to importance & acquiring commercial capital, in attracting a
portion of the produce from that part of Louisiana which lies west of the Mississippi, & on the
lakes to the east of it, or the probably connection with the settlements on the Flint and
Chatahouchy rivers….

…The amount of cotton is overrated…The county of Escambia, Walton, and part of Washington
and Jackson, will also be dependent on Pensacola, and in five years may have a population of
ten or fifteen thousands souls. In addition to cotton, naval stores, lumber, &c., they will have
sugar, molasses and wine for exportation. On Holmes’ Valley, Uchee Valley, and Alaqua, the
Farmers very generally, turn their attention to the sugar cane, and it is found to succeed
admirably. With these advantages, it cannot be said, that Pensacola is without a back country….


February 6, 1830
Page 1

To establish a ferry across the Choctawhatchie River at or near Wells landing on said river.

Be it enacted by the Governor and Legislative Council of the Territory of Florida, That James
Bright be and he is hereby vested with the right of establishing a ferry across the
Choctawhatchie river, at or near Wells landing, and he is hereby vested with all and singular the
immunities and privileges belonging to the same, for and during the term of ten years, from and
after the passage of this act: Provided, he continue to keep the same in good repair.

Sec. 2. Be it further enacted, That is shall be the duty of the said James Bright, his heirs and
assigns to keep in good repair a flat-boat of sufficient dimensions to transport across said river
a loaded wagon and team, and he shall be entitled, at the said ferry, to receive toll and such
rates, and shall be subject to such regulations as may be established by the county court of the
county of Washington and the Legislative acts of this Territory.

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That is shall not be lawful for any other person to establish or
keep a ferry on said river within four miles of the ferry herein established, unless the same be
for his, her, or their own exclusive use, and put for the purpose of receiving toll, except upon
roads laid out by order of the government of the United States, and this act shall be in full force
from and after its passage.

Passed, November 17th, 1829.


February 20, 1830
Page 2

More Florida Sugar.

A lot of sugar has recently been brought to this market from Holmes Valley, in our immediate
vicinity, which we feel assured would not suffer by a comparison with the first quality of New
Orleans sugar. Considerable avidity was shewn to obtain this article, and it was readily
disposed of at 8 cents, which is an advance on the New Orleans prices. A considerable portion
of this years crop of sugar, as we are informed, still remains to be brought to market from
Holmes’ Valley and other sections of this country convenient to this place. And an opportunity is
hereby offered of opening an intercourse which would be mutually advantageous. Since the
Pensacola merchant might afford to pay more than the market price at New Orleans, and yet get
the article cheaper than he now does, as one heavy freight and all the attendant charges would
thereby be saved.


August 14, 1830
Page 3

General Post Office Department
July 10th, 1830.

Proposals for carrying the Mails of the United States on the following Post Routes will be
received at this Office, until the 12th day of October next, inclusive.


2473. From Tallahassee, by Rocky Comfort, Quincy, Aspalaga, Mount Vernon, Mariana,
Webbville, Holmes’ Valley, Alaqua, Almirante and Escambia, to Pensacola, 320 miles, and
back, once a week.

Leave Tallahassee every Sunday at 4 a m, arrive at Pensacola the next Saturday by 7 p m.

Leave Pensacola every Sunday at 4 a m, arrive at Tallahassee the next Saturday by 7 p m.
Transcriptions by Dale Cox
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