Historic Oil Well Site
The site of one of Florida's
first oil wells is among the
unique historic sites at Falling
Waters State Park.
Falling Waters State Park - Chipley, Florida
Falling Waters State Park - Chipley, Florida
Falling Waters State Park - Chipley, Florida
Falling Waters State Park
Florida's tallest waterfall plunges 73 feet
into a sinkhole at Falling Waters State Park
at Chipley, Florida.
Florida's tallest waterfall is located at Falling
Waters State Park on the outskirts of Chipley,

The waterfall measures 73 feet from top to
bottom and is created by the unique
combination of Florida's karst topography
and a hilltop running stream. It flows best
during late winter and early spring or after
heavy rains.

Much of Florida rests on a bed of limestone.
Water slowly trickles through the rock
creating caves, sinkholes and other features.
Geologists call this a "karst" topography and
it is responsible for some of Florida's most
beautiful places, including
Florida Caverns
State Park, Devil's Millhopper Geological
State Park and Falling Waters State Park.

The state park at Chipley is noted for the
Falling Waters Sinks, a state geological
feature. Formed where parts of the caves
beneath the part have collapsed, the sinks
form a geological wonderland that can be
explored from nature trails and boardwalks.

The centerpiece of the park, of course, is the
remarkable waterfall.

Formed where a hilltop stream flows over the
rim of a stunning 100-foot deep cylindrical
sink, Falling Waters Falls plunge 73-feet
down into the earth and then disappear into a
large cavern.

The waterfall can be viewed from overlooks,
boardwalks and a viewing platform. The
strength with which it flows ranges from that
of a powerful stream in late winter and early
spring to little more than a trickle in mid-
summer.  It always picks up strength after
heavy rains.

If you would like to check on how well it is
flowing before planning a visit, call the park
office at (850) 638-6130.

While the waterfall is its centerpiece, Falling
Waters State Park includes many other
points of interest and amenities. There are
nature trails, a picnic area, campgrounds, a
small lake with a swimming area and an
array of historic sites and geological features.

The Falling Waters Sinks, in fact, offer visitors
a great place to learn about the sinkholes
and karst topography of Florida. An elevated
boardwalk leads around a linear collection of
sinks and informational panels explain how
the sinks and visible caves formed and point
out the unique plants that thrive in the
limestone rich soil.

The boardwalk around the sinks is one of
three nature trails that diverge from the paved
pathway that leads from the main parking
and picnic area down to the waterfall. A
longer trail leads up to an overlook that
provides a spectacular view of the waterfall.
From the overlook, it leaves the sinks area
and passes through a beautiful longleaf pine
forest and then across a footbridge that
provides a beautiful view the stream as it
rushes its way to the waterfall.
Falling Waters State Park also preserves the
site of a 1919 oil drilling effort. One of the first
commercial attempts to find oil in Florida, the
well produced natural gas, but the wildcatters
were not able to find oil in commercial

Falling Waters Hill has been the scene of a
number of other unique industries over the
years. A water mill operated here during the
before the Civil War and in later years a legal
distillery was operated near the waterfall to
supply liquor for a wine shop in Chipley.

In addition to its historic and natural features,
Falling Waters State Park also offers picnic
facilities, a seasonal butterfly garden, hiking
trails, a swimming lake, campground and
more. The park address is 1130 State Park
Road, Chipley, Florida.

If you are coming from Interstate 10, leave the
interstate at the Chipley Exit, turn south on
State Highway 77 and look for the sign and
left turn onto State Park Road.

From U.S. 90 in downtown Chipley, turn
south on State Highway 77, pass Interstate
10 then turn left onto State Park Road.

Falling Waters State Park is open from 8 a.m.
until sundown, year round. The entrance fee
is $5 per vehicle ($4 if only one person is in
the car) and $2 for bicyclists and pedestrians.

Please click here to visit the official state park
website for more information.
Falling Waters State Park
The waterfall is located in
Northwest Florida, just three
miles outside the historic city
of Chipley.
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Florida's Tallest Waterfall
Waterfalls of the South
Florida's Tallest Waterfall
Falling Waters Falls plunges
73-feet into a cylindrical
sinkhole that is part of Falling
Waters Sinks, a state
geological feature.
Video of the Falling Waters waterfall