Big Cedar, Missouri
Located on the outskirts of
Branson, the Big Cedar
Resort is said to be haunted.
Crescent Hotel, Arkansas
"America's Most Haunted
Hotel," the historic Crescent
is located in Eureka Springs,
Ghosts, Monsters & Mysteries of the South
The Ghost of Bellamy Bridge
A strange white mist can be seen in the lower right
of this picture taken at Jackson County, Florida's
historic and "haunted" Bellamy Bridge.
Spectres, Haunts and Wild Men
St. Augustine, Florida
"Orbs" in Castle Warden, one
of the many haunted locations
said to exist in the nation's
oldest city.
St. Simons, Georgia
The historic lighthouse on St.
Simons Island in Georgia is
said to be haunted by the
restless spirit of a former
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