Bennett Place
The Confederacy's Army of
Tennessee laid down its
arms at this farm in Durham,
North Carolina.
Alamance Battleground
North Carolina's little known
1771 uprising was put down
at the Battle of Alamance near
North Carolina Historic Sites and Points of Interest
Old Baldy
Old Baldy, the popular name of the Baldhead Island
Lighthouse, is the oldest standing lighthouse in
North Carolina.
Blue Ridge to the Outer Banks
A beautiful and diverse state, North Carolina
is blessed with a unique and significant

Historic sites and points of interest dot the
landscape from the Blue Ridge to the
Piedmont and from the Piedmont to the Outer
Banks. Rich in both heritage and eco-tourism
opportunities, North Carolina is a special
place, deeply embedded in the history of the
South and the nation.

To learn more about the historic sites of
North Carolina, please follow these links:
Blue Ridge Parkway
One of America's most
beautiful roadways, the Blue
Ridge Parkway offers some of
the most spectacular views in
the South.
Wake Forest, North Carolina
The charming and historic
town of Wake Forest is one of
the many treasures that dot
the North Carolina landscape
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Waterfall at Graveyard Fields
Second Falls at Graveyard
Fields along the Blue Ridge
Parkway is one of a number
of stunning waterfalls to be
found in Western North