ExploreSouthernHistory.com - Historic Sites in Virginia
ExploreSouthernHistory.com - Historic Sites in Virginia
Civil War in Virginia
Virginia was a the scene of intense and bloody
fighting during the Civil War and the landscape
today is dotted with battlefields.
Jamestown, Virginia
The first permanent English
settlement in America, the
site of Jamestown is now a
national park area.
Arlington National Cemetery
The home of General Robert
E. Lee rises above Arlington
National Cemetery, which
occupies his former estate.
Battle of Yorktown
George Washington achieved
his greatest military victory on
the fields of Yorktown, Virginia.
Virginia - Historic Sites & Points of Interest
Virginia is for Lovers...of History
Confederacy's Last Capitol
The final full meeting of the
administration of President
Jefferson Davis took place at
the Sutherlin Mansion in
Danville, Virginia.
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Updated: June 26, 2014
Virginia is the location of one of the largest
collections of historic sites, battlefields and
historical attractions in the South.
It is home to both Jamestown, site of
America's first permanent English
settlement, and Appomattox Court House,
where Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses
S. Grant and began the end of the
Confederacy. The Civil War and American
Revolution were fought across its landscape
and visible reminders of both can still be
seen today.

Virginia is a place not only for lovers, but for
lovers of history and nature.
Heather LaBone
Heather LaBone