Fort Sumter
The Civil War began at Fort
Sumter on April 12, 1861. It is
now a national monument in
Charleston Harbor.
Cowpens National Battlefield
A dramatic battle here during
the American Revolution was
a key step on the road to the
American victory at Yorktown.
South Carolina - Historic Sites & Points of Interest
South Carolina Historic Sites and Points of Interest
South Carolina Historic Sites and Points of Interest
Charleston, South Carolina
The historic U.S. Custom House is one of
the hundreds of historic landmarks in Charleston.
History in the Palmetto State
It was the state that gave the fledgling
American Patriots a military victory when they
needed one the most and it was the state
that led the South down the road to Civil War.

The Palmetto State, South Carolina is a
place where history literally drips from the live
oaks like morning dew. From Charleston and
Fort Sumter to the Upstate and Cowpens,
South Carolina is the story of America in a
single state.

To learn more about South Carolina, its
historic sites and natural wonders, please
follow the links on this page.
Battle of Kings Mountain
In October of 1780, a force of
900 "Overmountain men"
annihilated a British army at
the Battle of Kings Mountain,
South Carolina.
The Edgefield Ghost
The 1829 incidents in the
Edgefield District of South
Carolina comprised one of
the best known hauntings of
the 19th cenutry.
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