The Branson Strip
The Baldknobbers Jamboree is a
landmark along 76 Country Highway
in Branson. Historic in its own right,
the show has been underway for
more than 50 years.
Spectacular Ozarks Scenery
Where can you see waterfalls and
stunning mountain scenery near
Branson, Missouri? Try Dogwood
Canyon Nature Park!
Branson, Missouri - Points of Interest & Historic SItes
Branson, Missouri
A scenic and historic destination in the Missouri
Ozarks, Branson is a music and entertainment
capital noted for its attractions and resorts.
Live Music Capital in the Ozarks
Nestled in the beautiful Ozarks region of
Southern Missouri, the city of Branson has
become one of America's most popular
vacation destinations. A center for music and
Southern history and culture. Many of the
city's shows and attractions, some of which
have been in operation for decades, are
already historic in their own right, while the
development of Branson itself is one of the
truly great stories of the South.

The area surrounding Branson was the
haunt of bushwhackers and outlaws during
and after the Civil War. Jesse and Frank
James, the Younger Brothers, Alf Bolin and
others roamed the region, striking their
opponents and becoming legendary heroes
to their supporters. Bare rocky hilltops
around Branson, called "Bald Knobs" by the
locals, were used as meeting places for
gangs and vigilantes during the post-war
years, a practice that gave these groups the
name "Bald Knobbers." For decades after the
Civil War, they controlled the Missouri Ozarks.

Peace finally returned to the region, however,
and the modern community of Branson was
founded in 1903. Its founders originally
envisioned an industrial center, but Branson
instead has grown into one of America's
premier family vacation destinations.

Providing the first significant spark for the
development of tourism in Branson was
Harold Bell Wright's acclaimed novel,
Shepherd of the Hills

The book tells a fascinating story involving a
series of characters living in the beautiful
Ozarks of the Branson area. It became the
first novel in American history to sell over
1,000,000 copies.

Visitors flocked to the region to see the
places described in Wright's book, many of
which are now preserved at the Henning
Conservation Area on the edge of town.

Over time the initial burst of tourism
stimulated by Wright's book grew into a
permanent industry for Branson. The music
scene developed and the city now claims
more live shows than either Las Vegas or
New York. There are museums, amusement
parks, vacation resorts and attractions by the

In spite of its rapid development, Branson
has been able to maintain its status as an
ideal destination for families. The shows are
clean and many come with a message.

Although it is a modern and progressive city,
Branson is a major destination for Christian
families for a reason. It is a place where
families with children can visit almost any
attraction without worrying about exposing
their children to unsuitable material.

While most visitors travel to Branson to enjoy
the shows and family-oriented amusement
parks and attractions, don't forget to take in
some of the spectacular scenery of the Ozark
mountain country that surrounds the city.

Dogwood Canyon Nature Preserve is just
south of the city and offers a chance to enjoy
waterfalls, mountains, trout streams, historic
sites, and even herds of buffalo (bison) and
Beverly Hillbillies Legacy
The Clampetts of Beverly Hillbillies
fame used to visit Branson. The love
of the show's creators for the area
lives on at the Ruth & Paul Henning
Conservation Area.
The Branson/Lakes Area Convention and
Visitors Bureau maintains an excellent site
with information on places to stay, places to
eat, things to do, attractions, show schedules
and ticket prices.  

Check them out at

The links below also connect you to a variety
of information about Branson and the Ozarks
of southern Missouri.
Want to ride the train in Branson?
The beautifully-restored Ozark Zephyr
leaves downtown Branson for trips
through the mountain country of the
Missouri Ozarks.
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Historic Sites & Points of Interest
Branson, Missouri
The massive Showboat Branson Belle
is a favorite attraction. She offers live
entertainment, meals and incredible
views of Table Rock Lake.
Photo courtesy of the Showboat Branson Belle.
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