Roaring River State Park
An average of 20.4 million
gallons of water flow from
Roaring River Spring daily.
Missouri's Roaring River
A beautiful and wild river
flowing through the Ozarks,
the Roaring River is known for
its trout fishing.
Roaring River State Park - Cassville, Missouri - Roaring River State Park, Missouri - Roaring River State Park, Missouri
Roaring River State Park
The blue water of Roaring River Spring combines
with spring blooms for a beautiful setting.
A Missouri Natural Wonder
One of the most interesting and beautiful
natural and historical settings in the Ozarks
of Southern Missouri can be found at Roaring
River State Park, just outside the city of

An easy drive from such major area
attractions as
Branson, Missouri, and Eureka
Springs, Arkansas, the park takes its name
from the Roaring River, which rises from a
beautiful spring in the park. It is one of the
most beautiful and popular trout fishing
streams in the Ozarks.

Roaring River Spring is the 20th largest
spring in Missouri and flows from a beautiful
natural cave in the park. An average of 20.4
million gallons of water flow from the spring
on a normal day, creating an impressive flow
that carved a valley through the mountains on
its way downstream. The river eventually
empties into Table Rock Lake.

Because of its beautiful setting and
swift-flowing, pure water, the stream rising at
Roaring River Spring has been an important
landmark since well before the Civil War.
Native Americans frequented the area for
thousands of years before the arrival of the
first pioneers, taking advantage of the rich
natural setting surrounding the spring and

Early settlers of the region used the stream
to power mills for use in grinding grain and
sawing lumber.

Today Roaring River State Park is one of the
finest public park facilities in Missouri. In
addition to the beautiful spring and adjacent
bluffs and caves, the park offers outstanding
trout fishing in the beautiful Roaring River.
Water from the spring is used to feed the
pools of a state fish hatchery where trout of
impressive size and strength are grown. The
fish are released into the river on a regular
basis, giving anglers a fine opportunity to wet
their hooks.
Some of the Roaring River is preserved as a
catch and release area for sport fishing.

The park offers miles of hiking trails, picnic
areas, a swimming pool, camping areas and
26 rustic cabins. In addition the Emery Melton
Inn at the park offers elegant rooms featuring
balconies that offer views of the beautiful
Ozarks and Roaring River Valley. The Inn
also has a nice restaurant, conference
facilities and more.

Roaring River State Park is located on
Highway 112 near Cassville, Missouri. It is
only 20 miles from Eureka Springs and 50
miles from Branson.  
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Trout Swim in Clear Water
Roaring River State Park is
home to a fishery where trout
are grown by the thousands
each year in clear water
provided by Roaring River
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