Showboat Branson Belle
A sunset over Showboat Branson
Belle and Missouri's Table Rock
Lake. She is a modern reminder of
the grand days of the paddlewheel
(Courtesy of the Showboat Branson Belle)
Paddlewheels in Motion
Twin paddlewheels power Showboat
Branson Belle as she cruises Table
Rock Lake. The boat is 278 feet long
and 75 feet wide.
Showboat Branson Belle - Branson, Missouri
The Showboat Branson Belle
A magnificent paddlewheel riverboat, the showboat
Branson Belle offers entertainment, food and cruises
on Branson's beautiful Table Rock Lake.
(Photo Courtesy of the Showboat Branson Belle)
Riverboat of Table Rock Lake
The Showboat Branson Belle is one of the
most unique attractions to be found in the
South. Not only is it the largest vessel to
cruise a landlocked lake in America, it is one
of the few real showboats still operating in
the country.

Branson Belle sails from a dock on
Table Rock Lake on the outskirts of
Missouri, and operates year-round, although
cruise schedules change with the seasons.
Although she is of modern construction, the
Belle is a throwback to the massive
paddlewheel showboats of the 1880s for
which the South was famed.

The boat carries 700 passengers and is 278
feet long and 78 feet wide. She rises 112 feet
from her hull to the top of her stacks and is
powered by 16-foot twin paddlewheels.

Constructed on the banks of Table Rock
Lake, the engineers of the
Branson Belle
showed considerable creativity in devising a
way of sliding her down into the reservoir
without damaging the natural resources of
the lake. Instead of oil or grease, they
lubricated the ways with two tons of bananas.
The tropical fruit worked like a charm and the
Belle slid down the ways into Table Rock
Lake easily and gracefully.

Since her launch in 1995, the
Branson Belle
has delighted thousands of visitors who
board for cruises around Table Rock Lake
that include a meal, a chance to take in the
spectacular views from the upper deck and
top notch entertainment from some of the
best performers in Branson.

The experience takes passengers back to
the days of the grand showboats that once
steamed along America's rivers.

To learn more about the Showboat Branson
Belle, see videos, photographs, schedules
and buy tickets online, please click here to
visit the boat's official website.
The Showboat Branson Belle is located at
4800 State Highway 165 in Branson. To
reach the boat from Branson, follow either
Highway 165 or Highway 265 out of the city.
The landing is located 2.4 miles from the
intersections of Highways 165 and 265,
adjacent to Table Rock Dam.

To make things easier, you can just follow
the signs pointing the way to Table Rock
Dam and you will find the boat and White
River Landing with no problem at all.

In addition to the boat, the landing offers
shopping opportunities and beautiful views
of both Table Rock Lake and the
Bow of the Branson Belle
To step aboard the Branson Belle is
to step into the era of America's
great showboats. An excursion is a
great family event..
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Table Rock Lake at Branson, Missouri
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