Kings Mountain State Park - Blacksburg, South Carolina
Kings Mountain State Park - Blacksburg, South Carolina
Kings Mountain State Park
Covering 6,885 acres, the park adjoins Kings
Mountain National Military Park and offers a variety
of historical and outdoors attractions.
Kings Mountain State Park
A log house is among the
features of the mid-19th
century yeoman's farm at
King's Mountain State Park.
Living History Farm
The farm helps visitors learn
about the life of family farmers
in South Carolina during the
Kings Mountain State Park - Blacksburg, South Carolina
History in the Carolina Piedmont
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Historic Sites in South Carolina
Historic Cotton Gin
Cotton was a cash crop not
only on large plantations, but
on the small family farms of
South Carolina as well.
Nature & Hiking Trails
The park features some 20
miles of trails, including the
16 mile Kings Mountain Trail
and shorter nature trails.
Historic Gardens
The gardens feature a variety
of vegetables and plants that
were grown in South Carolina
during the 19th century.
Kings Mountain State Park covers 6,885
acres of beautiful hill country in the South
Carolina Piedmont. The park adjoins
Mountain National Military Park, scene of a
noted battle of the American Revolution.

Trails wind back and forth between the two
parks and Park Road provides access to
both. The national park interprets the Battle of
Kings Mountain and preserves the battlefield
itself, while the adjoining state park helps
visitors learn about life in the Piedmont after
the American Revolution.

The primary heritage attraction at Kings
Mountain State Park is its 19th century living
history farm. An operating historical farm that
features a log house, barn, cotton gin and a
blacksmith and carpenter shop. The exhibit
interprets the lives of the yeoman farmers
who lived in the region during the decades
before the Civil War. Many of these people
were the children and grandchildren of the
men who fought at Kings Mountain in 1780.

Special events are hosted at the complex
throughout the year. Upcoming events
include Harvest Day on September 1st (10
a.m. - 4:00 p.m.), Haunted Farm on October
27th (7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.) and Christmas at
the Farm on November 17th (10:00 a.m. -
4:00 p.m.).

The Living History Farm is open daily for
self-guided tours from Memorial Day to Labor
Day  and on weekends in April, May,
September and October.

History buffs and gardeners alike enjoy the
remarkable historic gardens at the farm. The
farmers of the 19th century grew not only food
for their families and animals, but herbs for
medicine and cotton for both their own use
and as a cash crop.

The gardens feature a remarkable number of
heirloom varieties including Bloody Butcher
Corn, Rat Tail Radishes, Milsap Okra and
Black Amber Sorghum. The herb plantings
include rosemary, sage, lavender, mint,
parsley and thyme, while okra, popcorn,
peanuts, cotton, peppers and a variety of
other fruits, vegetables and row crops grow
in profusion.

Split rail fences surround the fields and
gardens. A vineyard produces grapes each
year, while fruit trees grow apples, peaches
and more. Marigolds are grown as natural
insect repellent.

Other historic features in the park include
trails and buildings built by the Civilian
Conservation Corps (CCC) during the Great
Depression. The CCC developed the park
beginning in 1934 when its main acreage
was donated to the state by U.S. Government.

Kings Mountain State Park also offers a
variety of outdoor recreation opportunities,
including fishing (South Carolina license
required), camping, playgrounds, picnic
areas, biking, geocaching and more. The
park store is open on weekends from March
to November and boat and canoe rentals are
available during the summer season.

The campgrounds include both designated
tent sites and 115 sites with electricity and
water. An area is also available for those who
enjoy equestrian camping.
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for more details on the campgrounds.
The walking and hiking trails at the park are a
major attraction and are quite beautiful. The
shorter trails include a .7 mile Nature Trail, a
1.5 mile Farm Trail and a 1.8 mile Ridgeline
Trail. The Ridgeline Trail is a favorite
because it connects South Carolina with
North Carolina and allows walkers to pass
through three parks along the way: Kings
Mountain State Park, Kings Mountain
National Military Park and North Carolina's
Crowder's Mountain State Park.

The longest trail is for serious hikers and
loops 16 miles through both Kings Mountain
State Park and Kings Mountain National
Military Park. Trailside camping is available
along the route, which passes over the
rugged terrain surrounding the Kings
Mountain Battlefield. As it loops around the
mountain, it crosses over the trace of the
Colonial Road which the Overmountain Men
followed on their way to the Battle of Kings

The state park is a good base for exploring
the adjacent battlefield at
Kings Mountain
National Military Park. Features there include
a museum, interpretive trail, monuments and
more. The national park area is open daily.

Kings Mountain State Park is located at 1277
Park Road in Blacksburg, South Carolina. To
reach the park from I-85 coming north from
Spartanburg, take North Carolina Exit 2 onto
Highway 216 (Park Road). Turn right and
follow this road for five miles past the
battlefield to the state park.

If you are coming south on I-85 from
Charlotte, take Exit 8 and turn left onto
Highway 161. Follow 161 across the ling into
South Carolina and you will see the park
entrance on your right.

Admission is $2 for adults and $1.25 for
South Carolina Seniors. Ages 15 and under
are admitted free. Hours are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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