The Little White House
The only home owned by
President Franklin Roosevelt
can be seen in Warm Springs.
Historic Pools
The restored pools used by
President Roosevelt and
others can now be toured
daily in Warm Springs.
Warm Springs, Georgia - Historic Sites & Points of Interest - Historic Sites of Warm Springs, Georgia - Historic Sites of Warm Springs, Georgia
Warm Springs, Georgia
The historic city of Warm Springs was the Georgia
retreat of President Franklin D. Roosevelt during the
Great Depression and World War II.
FDR's Georgia Mountain Home
Located in a beautiful valley at the foot of
Georgia's Pine Mountain, the charming little
city of Warm Springs is one of the most
historic communities in the South.

Named for the 90 degree natural springs that
flow from the mountainside, Warm Springs is
said to have been used by the Creek Indians
and other Native Americans as a place of
healing for centuries. Its modern history
began in 1832 when a settler named David
Rose opened the springs as a "health resort"
for visitors from throughout the South.

In 1893, Charles Davis built the massive 300
room Victorian era Meriwether Inn at Warm
Springs, along with numerous amenities
such as a bowling alley, tennis courts, etc.
Pools were constructed to collect the warm
water flowing from the mountain and guests
flocked to the community both for relaxation
and the cures they hoped to obtain from the

By the early 20th century, Warm Springs had
become a destination for those suffering the
after-effects of polio, a terrible and disabling
disease that affected thousands of
Americans. They hoped that swimming in the
warm waters would help restore mobility to
paralyzed limbs.

It was this hope that brought Franklin Delano
Roosevelt to Warm Springs in 1924. The
future President had suffered a disabling
bout with polio in 1921. The springs did not
cure Roosevelt's paralysis, but the exercise,
clean air and activity did provide noticeable
benefits. He also fell in love with Warm
Springs and the rural people who lived in the
surrounding area.

In 1932, while serving as Governor of New
York, FDR built
the Little White House in
Warm Springs. He was elected President of
the United States that same year.

It is a little known fact that the only home ever
owned by President Roosevelt was his Little
White House in Warm Springs, Georgia. The
little house served as a refuge from the
stresses of the Presidency and it was at his
home in Warm Springs that the President
developed much of his New Deal plan and
deliberated strategy during World War II. It
was also here that he died on April 12, 1945.
Historic Depot Site
A boulder marks the site of
the depot from which FDR's
body was carried in 1945.
Warm Springs, Georgia
The quaint downtown area in
Warm Springs is now a
center for unique shops.
Warm Springs today is a charming small
community popular with visitors to the
numerous attractions in the region. The
historic pools used by Roosevelt and other
early visitors are no longer available for
swimming, but have been restored and can
be visited daily. The downtown area features
the historic Warm Springs Inn and unique
shops and stores that are popular with visitors.

The community also serves as a gateway to
Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park on Pine
Mountain. The park is a living memorial to
President Roosevelt and preserves many
sites associated with his life.
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