Callaway Gardens - Pine Mountain, Georgia
Azaleas at Callaway Gardens
The Callaway Brothers Azalea
Bowl features acres upon
acres of blooms each spring.
Chapel at Callaway Gardens
The Ida Cason Callaway
Memorial Chapel occupies a
beautiful lakeside setting
deep in the forests.
Callaway Gardens - Pine Mountain, Georgia
Callaway Gardens
An amazing array of colors and dramatic natural
settings greet visitors to Callaway Gardens, a
magnificent site in Pine Mountain, Georgia.
Georgia's Historic Gardens
One of the most remarkable outdoor settings
in the South, Callaway Gardens are the result
of nearly 80 years of dreaming, planning and
hard work.

Located in a beautiful valley shaded by
Georgia's Pine Mountain, the gardens were
conceived by Cason J. Callaway in 1930. The
Great Depression was then raging and
Callaway, the son of a hard-working and
successful merchant and industrialist, fell in
love with the worked-over farmland after
discovering a rare native azalea there.

He and his wife, Virginia, purchased the
property and launched an ambitious project
to convert the old fields and pine woods into
a magnificent playground of gardens, lakes
and other attractions. It took decades to
achieve much of what is now seen at
Callaway Gardens and the work continues

Operated since 1952 by the Ida Cason
Callaway Foundation, the gardens are
among the most beautiful and most popular
in the world. Each year they are visited by
around 750,000 people and yet are so big
(around 16,000 acres) that they seldom
seem crowded.

Callaway Gardens fulfill President Franklin
Delano Roosevelt's prediction that Pine
Mountain would one day become a great
resort attracting thousands of people each
year. An important historic site in their own
right, the gardens also preserve a number of
historic sites and artifacts including a log
cabin dating from the 1830s and benches
made using stone from a legendary Civil War
era cotton mill.

The gardens themselves are magnificent.
There are multiple areas, each offering
thousands of beautiful trees, shrubs and
plants. The Callaway Brothers Azalea Bowl, a
natural setting developed on the slopes
surrounding a small lake, is usually quite
spectacular in late March and early April
when it becomes a literal explosion
blooming plants featuring an amazing variety
of both native and exotic azaleas. It is one of
the most popular and most photographed
areas of Callaway Gardens each spring.
The Callaway Brothers Azalea Bowl should
be in full bloom by mid-April. Cherry and
other blossoms were out by the first of the
month and others will be following over the
next two weeks.

Other popular areas include the Virginia
Callaway Discovery Center, the Ida Cason
Callaway Chapel, the Cecil B. Day Butterfly
Center, John A. SIbley Horticultural Center
and Mr. Cason's Vegetable Garden. The
latter area, noted for its outstanding
vegetable, flower and herb gardens, also
serves as the setting for the award-winning
PBS television program
Victory Garden

Callaway Gardens also feature a wide range
of recreational activities and amenities
including thirteen different lakes, a golf
course, beach, boat rentals, nature trails,
restaurants, accommodations and more.
Visit them at
An Outdoor Wonderland
The Overlook Gardens at
Callaway explode with color
each March and April.
A Recreational Hot Spot
Callaway Gardens is a noted
recreation area with lakes,
trails, golf and more.
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2014 Azalea Blooms are opening at Callaway Gardens!
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