Dowdell's Knob
A grill built for President Roosevelt
can still be seen at Dowdell's Knob, a
rocky promontory on scenic Pine
Mountain, Georgia.
History at Dowdell's Knob
Markers and panels interpret the
history of Dowdell's Knob and its
significant role in the life of President
Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park
Pine Mountain, Georgia
Dowdell's Knob on Pine Mountain, Georgia
Roosevelt Statue at Dowdell's Knob
A lifelike status of President Roosevelt appears to
gaze off into the distance from his favorite picnic
spot, Dowdell's Knob on Pine Mountain, Georgia.
FDR's Favorite View in Georgia
Near the northern end of Georgia's 10,000
Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park is a
place where the presence of the American
President who guided the country through the
Great Depression and World War II can still
be felt.

Dowdell's Knob, named for a 19th century
farmer, was a favorite spot for picnicking and
quiet thought for President Franklin Delano
Roosevelt. First attracted to the region by the
warm springs that he hoped might
provide a cure for the paralysis he suffered
as a result of a devastating bought with polio,
Roosevelt fell in love with the beautiful
country surrounding Pine Mountain. He built
Little White House, the only home he
would ever known, nearby in 1932. That
same year he was elected to the Presidency
and went on to serve longer than any
President in American history.

Roosevelt was a great lover of the outdoors
and often drove his hand-controlled Ford car
up Pine Mountain to picnic, enjoy the scenery
and think in the quiet and solitude of the
heights. In this manner he discovered the
place that would become his favorite,
Dowdell's Knob.

Legend holds that Lewis J. Dowdell, who
lived in the area until his death in 1848, often
brought the slaves that worked his farm up to
the rocky projection for open air church
services. Others followed and the knob
became something of a local landmark,
known for its tremendous views.

Roosevelt came here often on his 41 visits to
Warm Springs. Local tradition holds that he
often talked with neighbors he encountered
at Dowdell's Knob, discussing with them
topics ranging from farming to education and
the national economy. Often, it is said, they
did not realize they had been talking with the
President of the United States.

President Roosevelt came to Dowdell's Knob
for the last time in April of 1945. Victory in
World War II was becoming apparent and he
asked his Secret Service agents to leave him
alone there until they heard him sound the
car horn. He sat in peace and absorbed the
view in solitude.
Roosevelt died at his nearby Little White
House two days later. His passing was
mourned by people of all colors and all walks
of life in one of the greatest outpourings of
emotion in American history.

Dowdell's Knob is open during daylight
hours and is located off Georgia Highway 90
Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park. The grill
once used by the President can still be seen
there, along with a beautiful statue.
FDR's Place of Peace
President Roosevelt often spent
time alone absorbing the views from
Pine Mountain.
View from Dowdell's Knob
Dowdell's Knob provides one of the
finest views in the Deep South. Pine
Mountain is between Atlanta and
Columbus in Georgia.
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