The Little White House
President Roosevelt built the
Little White House at Warm
Springs in 1932.
Roosevelt's Bed
President Roosevelt died in
this bed at the Little White
House after suffering a stroke
in 1945.
FDR's Little White House - Warm Springs, Georgia - The Little White House, Georgia - The Little White House, Georgia
FDR's Little White House
The Little White House in Warm Springs, Georgia,
was the only home ever owned by President
Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Roosevelt's Warm Springs Home
Although he was part of an elite family and
served as President of the United States for
longer than any other person, President
Franklin Delano Roosevelt owned only one
house in his life.

Located in charming
Warm Springs, Georgia,
FDR's Little White House stands today as a
lasting memorial to the man often credited
with opening the door for the development of
the New South.

Roosevelt came to Warm Springs in 1924 in
search of a cure for the after-effects of the
polio that had left him severely disabled. He
believed that the
waters of the pools there did
help his condition, but it was the place and
its people that revitalized Roosevelt's life. He
fell in love with the beautiful scenery of Pine
Mountain and came to consider the people
there as his friends and neighbors.

Roosevelt bought a farm in Warm Springs
and in 1932 he built the Little White House. A
charming and strikingly simple cottage, it
was the only home he ever built or owned.
He was Governor of New York at the time he
built the home, but that same year became
President of the United States.

The Little White House provided a sanctuary
for the President during the darkest days of
the Great Depression. Many of his New Deal
programs were conceived there as he looked
with sympathy upon the desperate conditions
suffered by his rural neighbors. Their tragic
sufferings prompted him to create the Works
Progress Administration or WPA which
created jobs that helped many families avoid
starvation during the Depression. His
policies also brought schools, electric power,
paved roads and parks to the rural South,
opening the door to a new era in the region.

The Little White House also provided a place
to escape the stress of Washington during
World War II for President Roosevelt. He
spent much time here, enjoying quiet picnics
at nearby
Dowdell's Knob while plotting the
nation's course through the challenging
years of World War II. It was a cause that
ultimately cost him his life.
FDR Memorial Museum
The new museum preserves
artifacts from Roosevelt's life,
including his Ford auto.
The Unfinished Portrait
President Roosevelt was
sitting for this portrait on the
day he died.
Roosevelt's health deteriorated and while
posing for the famous "Unfinished Portrait" at
the Little White House on April 12, 1945, he
suffered a stroke. Carried to his nearby bed,
the President died in his bedroom at Warm
Springs a short time later.

FDR's Little White House is now preserved
as a historic site by the State of Georgia.
Visitors can explore a new museum, walk the
grounds and tour the house itself.
click here to visit the official website.

The Little White House is located 1/4 mile
south of Warm Springs on Georgia Highway
85 (Alt. U.S. 27) and is open daily.
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