Callaway Gardens - Pine Mountain, Georgia
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Georgia's historic Callaway Gardens.
Flowering trees and plants line the scenic road
leading through Callaway Gardens. The complex
covers 14,000 acres in Pine Mountain, Georgia.
The Ida Cason Callaway Memorial Chapel provides a
place for quiet solitude and reflection and is a popular
location for weddings at Callaway Gardens.
Bike and walking trails wind through Callaway
Gardens and are popular with visitors of all ages.
The Callaway Brothers Azalea Bowl provides a
spectacular display of native and exotic azaleas. - Callaway Gardens, Georgia - Callaway Gardens, Georgia
Online Tour of Callaway Gardens in Spring
The azaleas at Callaway Gardens are usually in full
bloom during late March and early April of each year
and are among the most beautiful in the nation.
Callaway Gardens is a major recreational area with
lakes, nature trails, a golf course, restaurants,
accommodations and other amenities.
The historic pioneer log cabin at Callaway Gardens
was built in around 1830.
Azalea and other spring blooms make the Overlook
Gardens at Callaway extremely popular.
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