Pedestal Rocks Scenic Area
Early fall colors outline a
formation at Pedestal Rocks
Scenic Area in Arkansas.
Pedestal Rocks Scenic Area - Ozark National Forest, Arkansas - Pedestal Rocks Scenic Area, Arkansas - Pedestal Rocks Scenic Area, Arkansas
Pedestal Rocks Scenic Area
A massive pedestal of natural rock rises in the
Ozarks at Pedestal Rock Scenic Area, a beautiful
landmark in the Ozark National Forest of Arkansas.
Strange Formations & Scenery
Just off Scenic Highway 7 near the town of
Pelser can be found some of the most
beautiful and unusual scenery in the
of Arkansas.

Pedestal Rocks Scenic Area in the Ozark
National Forest preserves a magnificent
natural setting of strange rock formations,
natural erosion caves and one of the tallest
waterfalls in Arkansas.

The scenic area takes its name from the
"pedestal rocks," massive natural stone
columns or "pedestals" that rise up from the
valley floor. Formed by natural erosion of the
rock bluffs, they took thousands of years to
form and have attracted human attention
almost since the first Native American
hunters entered the mountains.

Prehistoric Indians used the natural caves
and outcrops at Pedestal Rocks for shelter.
Archaeologists have found several important
sites within the federally-protected area.
Traces of ancient art left by these early
visitors have been found in caves and rock
shelters throughout the Ozarks.

It takes a bit of walking to explore the scenic
area and the hikes cover some rough terrain
and can be a bit strenuous. To explore the
Pedestal Rocks area, the National Forest
Service has developed two trails that share a
trail head at the small parking lot and picnic
area at the park entrance.
Please click here
to see or print a copy of the trail map.

The first of the trails, which bears to the left,
leads to the Pedestal Rocks themselves.
The views along this trail are some of the
most spectacular and unusual in Arkansas.
The Pedestal Rocks Loop Trail is 2.2 miles
long, so take it easy and make sure to carry

The second trail, which leads off to the right,
is 1.7 miles long and takes visitors to King's
Bluff and the King's Bluff Falls. One of the
tallest waterfalls in Arkansas, the falls can be
quite amazing when the water is running
good (usually in late winter or early spring).
During the hot and dry months of summer,
though, they lose much of their volume.
The autumn views from either of the trails are
unbelievable, especially in years when the
color is good. The natural setting is beautiful
Click here to visit the official
Forest Service site.

To reach the Pedestal Rocks Scenic Area,
turn east on Highway 16 from Scenic
Highway 7 at Pelser. Travel east on 16 for 6
miles and you will see the entrance on your
right. The scenic area is free to visit.
Erosion Cave in the Ozarks
The unusual erosion caves at
Pedestal Rocks were used
for shelter by ancient Indians.
Fall Colors at Pedestal Rocks
The scenic area is a great
place to see fall colors like
the brilliant reds seen here.
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