ExploreSouthernHistory.com - Scenic Highway 7, Arkansas
ExploreSouthernHistory.com - Scenic Highway 7, Arkansas
Hot Springs National Park
Hot Springs is one of the
historic communities along
Scenic Highway 7.
An Overlook in the Ozarks
Scenic Highway 7 features
overlooks such as this one
that give visitors great views.
Mountain Streams
Waterfalls and beautiful
running streams dot the
Arkansas landscape.
Scenic Highway 7 - Mountain Beauty and History in Arkansas
View from Scenic Highway 7
Scenic Highway 7 provides spectacular views of
both the Ozarks and Ouachitas as it winds its way
through Arkansas.
National Scenic Byway...
One of the most beautiful highways in
America winds its way through the hills and
valleys of Arkansas.

Scenic Highway 7 begins high in the
and continues south for 290 miles past
waterfalls, streams, mountains, valleys,
rivers and historic sites. Named as one of
the ten most beautiful drives in the nation, it
is an exceptional way to explore the history
and scenic wonders of the Natural State.

Highway 7 is unique because it takes drivers
through not just one, but two scenic
mountain ranges. The Ozarks dominate the
northern section of the highway, while south
of the Arkansas River the road passes
through the equally beautiful

Dedicated in 1994, Scenic Highway 7 was
Arkansas’ first National Scenic Byway. The
mountains, hills and valleys through which it
passes are rich in culture and history as well
as natural beauty.

The northern end of the highway near
Harrison is within easy driving distance of
Eureka Springs and Branson. Traveling
south through the mountains from Harrison
provides access to the Buffalo National River,
a stunning national park area that preserves
a 150-mile long free-flowing river.

America's first National River, the Buffalo
flows past soaring bluffs and is popular for
canoe and float trips. The park preserves a
wide array of historic sites and is home to a
large herd of elk. There are visitor centers,
campgrounds, hiking trails and more.

South of the Buffalo, Scenic Highway 7
passes through the heart of the Ozark
National Forest and then leads down to
Russellville in the Arkansas River Valley.

From the river, the highway winds up into the
Ouachita Mountains and passes through
more spectacular scenery to the historic city
Hot Springs and Hot Springs National Park.
South of Hot Springs, Scenic Highway 7
leads on to the Louisiana border, passing
numerous historic sites.
The highway is open throughout the year, but
keep in mind that ice can make for extremely
dangerous conditions during the winter,
especially up in the mountains. On the other
hand, the waterfalls and mountain streams
are at their most scenic during the winter and

Please click here to check out the official
State of Arkansas site for Scenic Highway 7.
It provides maps and much more information.
Pedestal Rocks Scenic Area
Towering bluffs and unique
rock formations await visitors
at the Pedestal Rocks Scenic
Area off Scenic Highway 7.
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