ExploreSouthernHistory.com - Historic Sites of Hot Springs, Arkansas
ExploreSouthernHistory.com - Historic Sites of Hot Springs, Arkansas
Hot Springs National Park
Beautiful Bathhouse Row is
one of the historic features
preserved at Hot Springs.
Lake Hamilton at Hot Springs
A "duck" navigates the blue
waters of Lake Hamilton in
Hot Springs.
Hot Springs from Above
A ride up the elevator of Hot
Springs Tower provides a
spectacular view of the city.
Hot Springs, Arkansas - Historic Sites & Points of Interest
Hot Springs National Park
Steam rises from a natural hot water cascade at Hot
Springs National Park. The park surrounds
downtown Hot Springs, Arkansas.
History of America's First Resort!
Nestled in the edge of the beautiful Ouachita
Mountains, Hot Springs is one of America's
most historic cities.

One of the best known cities in Arkansas for
more than one hundred years, Hot Springs
offers a fascinating combination of historic,
natural and modern attractions that makes it
one of the most popular destinations in the

The community takes its name from the
Hot Springs of the Ouachitas. These
natural springs rise along the sides of the
mountains surrounding the downtown area.
Long known to Native Americans, who
frequented the springs, the Hot Springs may
have been visited by the survivors of the
Hernando de Soto expedition during the
1540s. They were later frequented by French
trappers and others.

Following the Louisiana Purchase, the
United States sent explorers to the springs
only to find that dozens of people were
already there. Crude log and brush
bathhouses had been built and people from
hundreds of miles away were bathing in the
hot water, believing that it held curative
properties for a variety of illnesses and

The government designated Hot Springs as
a national preserve, the first such in the
country. The preserve eventually became
Springs National Park.

As news of the springs spread, Hot Springs
developed as a thriving community and
resort area. It also built something of an
outlaw image, which high class hotels and
gambling casinos. Jesse and Frank James
came her to relax (and commit a robbery or
two nearby) and even Al Capone visited when
things got "too hot" for him in Chicago.

The governor of Arkansas eventually shut
down the decades old gambling operations
and today Hot Springs is a charming, eclectic
resort city.

Still popular for its relaxing hot water spas,
Hot Springs today offers museums, historic
sites, the spectacular
Garvan Woodland
Gardens, amusement parks, horse racing
and an array of lakefront and downtown
resorts and restaurants.
The entire area is surrounded by the
Ouachita Mountains, where visitors find
spectacular scenic beauty, campsites, hiking
trails, picnic areas and more.

Arkansas' famed
Scenic Highway 7 passes
through Hot Springs and offers easy access
to the mountains and scenery of the region.

To begin your exploration of Hot Springs,
Arkansas, please follow the links below:
The Hot Springs
Steam rises from a natural
spring at Hot Springs
National Park. The water is
heated by pressure as it rises
from deep in the earth.
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