Tenkiller State Park
The park occupies a stunning
setting along the shores of
the beautiful Oklahoma lake.
Tenkiller State Park - Lake Tenkiller, Oklahoma
ExploreSouthernHistory.com - Tenkiller State Park, Oklahoma
ExploreSouthernHistory.com - Tenkiller State Park, Oklahoma
Lake Tenkiller, Oklahoma
Tenkiller State Park on the lake's south shore offers
spectacular views of its beautiful sparking waters.
A Stunning Outdoor Setting
Deep in the heart of the Cherokee Nation of
Oklahoma, Lake Tenkiller is a phenomenal
recreational area surrounded by stunning
scenery and the unique history and culture of
the Cherokee people.

A man-made lake formed by the construction
of Tenkiller Dam on State Highway 82 ten
miles north of Vian, Oklahoma, the lake is set
in the beautiful rolling hills to which the
Cherokee were moved from their mountain
homes during the 19th century. Some came
on their own, recognizing that they would
eventually be driven from their homes in the
East. Others were forced here at the points of
muskets by the U.S. Military on the Trail of

The area along the Oklahoma-Arkansas
border was claimed by the Osage and other
Indian groups and the first Cherokee settlers
quickly found themselves fighting for their
lives. This led the U.S. Army to establish
Smith and later Fort Gibson to protect and
supply the new arrivals.

Over an amazingly short time, the Cherokee
established themselves in the new country,
building homes and clearing fields. By the
outbreak of the Civil War in 1861, many of
them were living much better than their white
neighbors in Arkansas.

Heavy fighting took place in the Cherokee
Nation during the Civil War and numerous
raids and marches passed through the area
of today's Lake Tenkiller. In the years after the
war, the area was frequented by outlaws who
flooded into the region hoping to escape the
hands of justice. Many of them were brought
to justice by "Hanging Judge" Isaac C. Parker
of Fort Smith, who sent his deputy marshals
out to assist Native American police.

The Tenkiller area is now a popular center for
outdoor recreation. Tenkiller State Park on
the southern shore of the lake offers access
to the beautiful lake from State Highway 82.
The park is known for is beautiful limestone
cliffs and its crystal clarity is perfect for
fishing, boating, swimming and scuba diving.

Nearby, visitors can explore a wide variety of
historic sites and points of interest. Among
these are
Sequoyah's Cabin, Fort Gibson,
Honey Springs Battlefield, the Sequoyah
National WIldlife Refuge, the capital of the
Cherokee Nation and the
Muskogee Azalea

Tenkiller State Park offers cabins, a marina,
camping, picnic areas, nature trails, park
store, cafe and more.
Please click here to
visit the park's official website for directions,
contact numbers and other information.
Picnicking by Lake Tenkiller
The Oklahoma sky outlines a
picnic table perched on the
rocks above Lake Tenkiller.
Tenkiller State Park
The beautiful park on Lake
Tenkiller features a unique
underwater scuba park.
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