The Mulberry River
Popular for canoing and
kayaking, the Mulberry flows
through the Arkansas Ozarks.
Turner Bend, Arkansas
Starting point for many river
trips, Turner Bend is located
on the Pig Trail Scenic Byway
in the Ozark National Forest.
Mulberry River - Ozark National Forest, Arkansas - Mulberry River, Arkansas - Mulberry River, Arkansas
Whitewater on the Mulberry River
Viewed from high on the mountain side, a boater
rides a stretch of whitewater on the Mulberry River.
Unspoiled River of the Ozarks
A beautiful, wild mountain stream, the
Mulberry River rises in the rugged Boston
Mountains of Arkansas. Flowing through the
spectacular scenery of the
Ozark National
Forest, the river is popular for canoing,
kayaking and rafting and is surrounded by
historic sites and sightseeing opportunities.

Undammed from its sources to the point
where it merges with the Arkansas River, the
Mulberry is one of the South's most scenic
rivers. It is also unique in that it can be
explored from both water and land.

This region of the Ozarks was popular with
French and Native American trappers and
hunters long before the first determined
American settlers drifted into the region
during the early 1800s. During the Civil War
the Mulberry River area was a popular hiding
place for guerrilla bands that struck out
against both regular military forces and
civilians who took different viewpoints on the

Astoundingly, by the time the Ozark National
Forest was created in the early 1900s, the
Mulberry remained a free-flowing stream. No
dams block its waters and the river looks
today much as it has for thousands of years.

Extremely popular for float trips, the river can
usually be traveled from around October until
roughly mid-June. Winter and spring rains,
however, can make the river too dangerous
to canoe or kayak, so conditions should
always be checked when planning a trip. The
water level usually gets too low to be floated
during the hottest months of the summer.

Turner Bend Store, located where the
Trail Scenic Byway (Arkansas Highway 23)
meets the Mulberry River, is a good source
for information and also provides float trip

To those less inclined to brave the river, there
are numerous opportunities for sightseeing
along the Mulberry River. Fishing is popular
along the banks of the river and there are
campgrounds, hiking trails, waterfalls and
scenic drives to be enjoyed in the area.

Pig Trail Scenic Byway leads to the river
from Interstate 40 at
Ozark and winds its way
through beautiful mountain country. Highway
215 intersects with the Pig Trail just north of
Turner Bend. By following it east, drivers can
enjoy spectacular scenic vistas of the
Mulberry and access national forest points of

The Ozark Highlands Trail, a major hiking
route, passes through the area. Shorter
hiking trails lead from forest service
recreation areas in the area.
Click here to
visit the Ozark National Forest website.

Numerous waterfalls can also be seen in the
area and
White Rock Mountain, a popular
scenic spot, is located nearby.
A Popular Destination
The Mulberry River is very
popular during spring and
early summer.
High Bank Twins Falls
These beautiful waterfalls are
among many that feed the
Mulberry River.
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