Behind Pig Trail Falls
A visitor admires Pig Trail
Falls from behind the pretty
little waterfall. - Waterfalls near the Mulberry River, Arkansas - Waterfalls near the Mulberry River, Arkansas
Waterfall at Turner Bend
This beautiful little waterfall flows just feet from the
parking lot of the popular store at Turner Bend on
the Mulberry River in Arkansas.
High Bank Twins in Summer
Even during times of low
water, this 71 foot double
waterfall is well worth a visit.
Small Waterfall
This little cascade and
waterfall is crossed on the
way through the woods to the
High Bank Twins.
Waterfalls in the Mulberry River Area of Arkansas
An Array of Beautiful Waterfalls
The Mulberry River in Arkansas is a noted
float stream that flows through a beautiful
and historic region. Many visitors do not
know, however, that the river is surrounded
by a host of beautiful waterfalls.

The largest of these, the
High Bank Twins, is
a unique double waterfall that flows over a
steep bluff near the High Bank Canoe Access
on Highway 215 just 9.2 miles east of Cass
and the
Pig Trail Scenic Byway.

Like most waterfalls in the area, the Twins
flow best after rains or during high water and
are especially spectacular during late winter
and early spring. The twin falls are 71 feet
high and are also surrounded by a series of
smaller waterfalls and cascades.

To reach the waterfall, park at the canoe
access parking lot, walk east along the
shoulder of Highway 215 across a small
bridge. Once across the bridge, look for a
beaten path (there is no sign) leading off to
your left. Follow it across a small stream with
waterfalls of its own and keep walking until
you arrive at the twins. The total distance
from the parking lot is only 1/4 of a mile.

Two other waterfalls nearby are not as tall but
can be quite beautiful when the water is
flowing right.

Pig Trail Falls is located just feet from the Pig
Trail Scenic Byway (Highway 23) just under
two miles south of the Turner Bend Store and
Mulberry River Bridge. The falls are right off
the shoulder of a sharp bend in the highway.

These falls are 18 feet tall and are unique
because not only can you view them from the
comfort of your car if you wish, you can also
walk behind them for a view of the back side
of a waterfall.

Waterfall at Turner Bend is also very
easy to access. It is located just in the edge
of the woods near the south end of the store
parking lot and can usually be heard running
once you step out of your car. Very beautiful
when the water is flowing nicely, the fall
makes for a nice cool stop on a warm day.
While these three are the easiest to reach,
there are a number of other beautiful
waterfalls in the Mulberry River region.
Among these are Spy Rock Falls, Sixty Foot
Falls and Cascade, Spirit Mountain Falls and
Mountain Fork Creek Falls.

If you are interested in exploring waterfalls in
the Mulberry region (or elsewhere in
Arkansas), we strongly recommend picking
up a copy of Tim Ernst's
Arkansas Waterfalls
. It is by far the best guide to falls
in the state and features maps, directions
and outstanding color photographs. You can
order it by clicking this link:
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