Columbus Riverwalk - Columbus, Georgia
Columbus Riverwalk
The Chattahoochee River flows past the Columbus
Riverwalk, a unique attraction that links historic
sites and other points of interest.
Columbus Riverwalk
Lndscaping and fountains grace an
access to the Columbus Riverwalk.
The 22 mile walk passes rapids, the
site of the Battle of Columbus,
museums and more.
The Battle of Columbus
14th Street Bridge is a pedestrian
crossing today, but an earlier span
on the same site played a critical
role in the Battle of Columbus.
Heritage Park
A fascinating area of water features
and exhibits, Heritage Park links the
Riverwalk to the Historic District. It
tells the story of how Columbus
became a modern city.
Strolling on the Chattahoochee
Civil War Naval Museum
A massive naval gun from the CSS
Jackson aims out over  Columbus
Riverwalk and the Chattahoochee
River. The massive gun is at the
National Civil War Naval Museum
and is still fired from time to time.
The Columbus Riverwalk is one of the
largest and most successful such efforts in
the South. It links an array of historic sites
and points of interest while also providing
ecotourism and exercise opportunities for the
Georgia city.

The Columbus Riverwalk is the result of
brilliant forward thinking that began in 1987-
1988 when the federal government required
massive upgrades to the city's sewage and
water systems. Instead of demolishing the
landscape to make way for such work,
leaders and engineers in Columbus saw it
as a way to spark a revitalization of their
historic city. The results are stunning and the
Columbus Riverwalk is now one of the
largest and most successful such projects in
the nation.

Construction of the riverwalk began with a
one mile stretch in the downtown area in
1989. Opened on Columbus Day in 1992, the
section stretched from the dam visible from
the downtown bridges to the Columbus
Ironworks Trade Center, a magnificent
convention facility developed in the city's
historic ironworks. This section of the project
remains extremely popular, especially since
the addition of Columbus State University
School of Music to the downtown area.

Since that time the Columbus Riverwalk has
been extended both north and south and now
stretches 22 miles from Lake Oliver on the
north to Fort Benning on the South. Along the
way it links some of the key historic sites and
points of interest in the city. The highlights

Battle of Columbus - Fought on Easter
Sunday in April of 1865, this was the last
major land battle of the Civil War. It resulted
in the capture of Columbus by Union troops
and the destruction of the city's military
industries. Key fighting took place along the
section of the Columbus Riverwalk around
the 14th Street Bridge.
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Coca-Cola Space Science Center - An
outstanding attraction that offers kids of all
ages a chance to explore the wonders of
space, the center is located just south of the
Trade Center on the Riverwalk.
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Heritage Park - A magnificent outdoor
historical attraction focusing on the industrial
history of Columbus, Heritage Park offers
water features, statues and exhibits that
highlight the history of the city and its
relationship with the Chattahoochee River.
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Heritage Corner - A collection of five historic
homes, two of which were once lived in by
the inventor of Coca-Cola, stand just across
Heritage Park from the Columbus Riverwalk.
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Columbus Historic District - This nationally
recognized historic district features an array
of beautiful homes and spreads out for
blocks around Heritage Park and Heritage
National Civil War Naval Museum - A
magnificent indoor and outdoor facility, the
museum houses the wrecks of the ironclad
C.S.S. Jackson and wooden gunboat C.S.S.
Chattahoochee, as well as a massive
collection of flags, weapons, uniforms and
other documents. The museum is located on
the Columbus Riverwalk at South Commons.
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Oxbow Meadows Environmental Learning
- A fascinating ecotourism
destination, Oxbow meadows is a great
place to explore the natural life and ecology
of the area.
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National Infantry Museum and Soldier
Center -
Located just outside the gates of
Fort Benning, the National Infantry Museum
is now open in its brand new 190,000 square
foot facility and traces the history of the U.S.
Army Infantry from the American Revolution to
the present.

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official website.

There are numerous other access points,
parks, historic sites and interpretive signs
along the Columbus Riverwalk. Plus it now
overlooks the longest urban whitewater
course int he world!

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While exploring the riverwalk, be sure to
cross over to the Phenix City, Alabama, side
of the Chattahoochee opposite downtown
Columbus to check out the riverwalk along
the west side of the river. The Alabama side
features an outstanding view of downtown
Columbus as well as the historic river itself.
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Columbus, Georgia
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