Fort Frederica National Monument - St. Simons Island, Georgia
This page contains a series of photographs of Fort Frederica National Monument on St. Simons Island, Georgia. They are
provided to help you better visualize this significant historic site. Please do not reuse these copyrighted photographs without
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View from the town gate facing down the main street
to the citadel on the riverfront. The entire town of
Frederica was surrounded by a strong wall.
Ruins of a home at Frederica. Archaeologists have
uncovered the remains of a number of houses and
other structures at the old English town.
Artist's Rendering of the citadel of Fort Frederica.
The citadel at Fort Frederica as it appears today. The
surviving structure was part of the King's Magazine.
Online Tour - Fort Frederica National Monument, Georgia
Online Tour - Fort Frederica National Monument, Georgia
The river face of the King's Magazine. About one-third
of the original structure survives today. The vaulted
rooms of the magazine once sheltered supplies.
Cannon at Fort Frederica. The heavy guns of the fort
defied Spain's hopes of regaining its lost colony of
Georgia. One of the pieces is an original.
Ruins of the barracks. This structure was part of
Oglethorpe's original barracks complex.
Burial ground at Fort Frederica. These ancient vaults
survive from the 1700s.
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