Georgia Sea Turtle Center
The staff at the center helps
nurse rescued sea turtles
back to health after they have
been injured or found ill. - Georgia Sea Turtle Center on Jekyll Island - Georgia Sea Turtle Center on Jekyll Island
Georgia Sea Turtle Center
The sea turtle center on Jekyll Island is one of the
few places that visitors to the Georgia Coast can get
"up close and personal" with the beautiful creatures.
Visitor Center
The Georgia Sea Turtle
Center features a beautiful
interpretive area where
visitors can learn about the
unique and special creatures.
Sea Turtle Exhibits
The interpretive center offers
a variety of interactive displays
that explain the lives of
Georgia's sea turtles.
Guided Tours
A guide explains the work of
the center to rescue and
rehabilitate sea turtles.
Georgia Sea Turtle Center - Jekyll Island, Georgia
Warm Water From the Mountain
The great sea turtles that live and hatch
along the beautiful coastal islands of
Georgia hold a unique place in the cultural
and natural history of the South. The Georgia
Sea Turtle Center on
Jekyll Island is an
outstanding place to learn more.

Located in the
Jekyll Island Historic District
just steps from the historic "cottages" where
the nation's rich and famous once came to
relax in the seclusion of their own private
island, the Georgia Sea Turtle Center serves
as rehabilitation and research facility, as well
as a place where the public can come to
learn more about the turtles.

Jekyll Island has had an active sea turtle
monitoring program since 1972, but because
facilities to care for injured or sick turtles
were generally far away, there was often little
that could be done to save them. That
changed in 2007 when the modern facility
opened with the capability of providing state
of the art care for turtles that otherwise might
not have survived.

There are five species of sea turtles in
Georgia and all five are protected by state
and federal law. Diminishing habitat and
injuries from boat propellers, fishing nets
and other sources has caused the number of
turtles to decline dramatically. As a result,
creatures that have long been part of the
state's unique cultural and natural heritage
are not far removed from oblivion.

Sea turtles played an important role in the
lives of Georgia's early Native Americans for
thousands of years before the first European
explorers arrived on the beautiful coastal
islands. Some of them can reach remarkable
sizes. The Leatherback, for example, has
been reported to grow larger than 6 feet in

Archaeologists have found evidence in the
form of bones, etc., that early Indians of the
coast used the giant turtles as a source of
food. Early settlers did the same, often
harvesting them for soup. While these
activities certainly impacted the populations,
modern development, pollution and human
interaction with the turtles has posed a much
greater risk to their survival.

The Georgia Sea Turtle Center works not
only to rescue and rehabilitate turtles, but to
educate visitors about turtle nesting and
hatching seasons, habitat and what to do if
they spot an injured sea turtle.
From March through November, the center is
open on Mondays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and
on Tuesdays through Sundays from 9 a.m. to
5 p.m. The facility is closed on Mondays in
December through February.

The cost of admission, which helps offset the
cost of operating the center and rehabilitating
its turtle patients is $6 for adults, $5 for
Seniors over age 65 and $4 for children aged
4 to 12. Children 3 and under are admitted
for free. Active duty military, students and
teachers are admitted for $5 if they provide a
current ID.

To reach the Georgia Sea Turtle Center upon
arriving on Jekyll Island, follow the signs to
the Jekyll Island Historic District and then
turn right on Stables Road. You will see the
center ahead on your left.

Please click here to visit the center's official
website for more information and to learn
about upcoming events of interest.
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