The Ghost of Bellamy Bridge - Marianna, Florida - The Ghost of Bellamy Bridge, Florida - The Ghost of Bellamy Bridge, Florida
Is this the Real Ghost of
Bellamy Bridge?
Copyright 2006
by Dale Cox
Copyright 2005
by Dale Cox
Does the photograph at right show the "ghost"
of Bellamy Bridge? Taken at the historic bridge
near Marianna, Florida by writer and historian
Dale Cox during the winter of 2005, the
photograph shows an unusual "mist" in the
lower right hand corner.

The photographer believes it is likely a light
effect, but of more than 60 photographs taken
at Bellamy Bridge that day, this was the only
one that showed anything unusual.

The photograph at right shows an
enlargement of the anomaly, which can be
seen as it appeared in the original photograph
below. What do you think?  We encourage you
to submit any thoughts or possible
explanations by clicking the "Contact Us"
button at the top of this page and emailing us.

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