Davis-West House
This beautiful old home was
built in Marianna two decades
before the Civil War.
Florida Caverns State Park
An underground wonderland
of natural formations can be
found in Jackson County.
Jackson County - Florida's Third County
ExploreSouthernHistory.com - History of Jackson County, Florida
ExploreSouthernHistory.com - History of Jackson County, Florida
Historical Records and Archives
of Jackson County, Florida
Follow these buttons to read transcriptions of
records and articles about historical events in
Jackson County:
Historic Sites of
Jackson County, Florida
Legends and Ghost Stories of
Jackson County, Florida
Historic Blue Spring
This beautiful natural spring near Marianna
has been a landmark for hundreds of years.
The Chipola River
A Florida natural treasure, the
Chipola River flows through
the heart of Jackson County.
The Russ House
The historic Joseph Russ
house in Marianna now
houses the Jackson County
Chamber of Commerce.
Welcome to a new site dedicated exclusively
to the history and culture of Jackson County,

The third oldest county in Florida, Jackson
County was established by the Territorial
Council in 1822. The history of the area,
however dates back for centuries prior to that

Some of the oldest Native American artifacts
ever found in Florida were discovered along
the Chipola River in Jackson County. It is
believed that early hunters first entered the
region in pursuit of giant mastodons and
other large game animals. Native Americans
occupied the region for thousands of years
before the arrival of Spanish missionaries in

These pages offer you a chance to learn
more about the history of the Jackson County
area. You will find special sections on
historic sites, legends and ghost stories,
historical records and other early accounts of
the area. If you have questions, please email
us by using the "Contact Us" link at the top of
this page.
The information on this site is taken from the
collection of writer and historian Dale Cox.

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wonderful area, please consider ordering his
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