The Garden of Eden?
Local legend holds that the
preserve was the real site of
the Garden of Eden and the
home of Adam and Eve.
Civil War Earthworks
These earthworks were part
of a Confederate battery built
atop Alum Bluff.
Apalachicola Bluffs and Ravines Preserve - Bristol, Florida - Apalachicola Bluffs and Ravines Preserve - Apalachicola Bluffs and Ravines Preserve
Alum Bluff and the Apalachicola River
The largest exposed section of the earth's crust in
Florida, Alum Bluff is an important natural wonder
and historic landmark.
Site of the Garden of Eden?
Located just north of Bristol in Liberty County,
Florida, the Apalachicola bluffs and Ravines
Preserve protects more than 6,000 acres of
environmentally and historically significant

According to local legend, this was the site of
Garden of Eden. The story was expanded
decades ago by a local writer and religious
scholar who came to believe that the unique
environmental setting and the geography of
the region fit almost precisely the Biblical
descriptions of the garden where God
created Adam and Eve. Years ago, signs at
Alum Bluff even pointed out such places as
the "spot where Adam met Eve."

Those signs are gone today, but the legend
lives on thanks to a decision by the Nature
Conservancy to name the primary hiking path
the "Garden of Eden Trail."

The trail takes visitors on a strenuous walk
through the stunning steephead ravines and
rare plant and animal life of the preserve. It
culminates atop
Alum Bluff, the largest
exposed section of the earth's crust in Florida.
The bluff is a significant historic site.
Jackson paused here in 1818 and
Confederate troops fortified Alum Bluff with
earthworks and cannon during the Civil War
to protect the Apalachicola River against
feared Union attack. Little remains of the
batteries today, but the view of the river is
much the same.

The rare
Florida Torreya and Florida Yew
trees grow in the preserve, as do other
unique plants and trees.
Fragile Ravine Ecosystem
A walking trail leads through
the fragile steephead ravines
of the preserve to the scenic
overlook and historic sites at
Alum Bluff.
To explore some of the key points of interest
at the Apalachicola Bluffs and Ravines
Preserve, please follow the links below.
here to visit the Nature Conservancy website
for directions and more information on their
outstanding work along the Apalachicola.
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