Alum Bluff, Florida
Southern troops lined the top
of the bluff with cannon during
the Civil War.
Civil War Fortifications
Confederate earthworks can
still be seen from the Garden
of Eden Trail at Alum Bluff.
Confederate Battery at Alum Bluff - Liberty County, Florida - Apalachicola Bluffs and Ravines Preserve - Apalachicola Bluffs and Ravines Preserve
Confederate Earthworks at Alum Bluff
Alum Bluff on Florida's Apalachicola River was the
site of an important Confederate post and battery.
Civil War on the Apalachicola
A few leaf covered mounds of earth are all
that remain today to remind visitors that
Bluff was an important military post during
the Civil War. Confederate troops lined the
bluff with cannon to defend the
River and also used the site as a training
camp for Florida soldiers.

The Apalachicola River was a point of vital
concern to the Southern states because it
provided access to a networks of rivers and
streams that reached deep into Florida,
Georgia and Alabama. When they evacuated
the city of Apalachicola in the spring of 1862,
Confederate forces erected a series of
artillery batteries and other fortifications to
prevent the Union navy from steaming up the

A battery of seven heavy cannon was erected
at Alum Bluff, which also served as an
important Confederate post and training
camp. The records of many Florida soldiers
indicate that they were mustered into the
Confederate army here on the heights over-
looking the Apalachicola River.

The cannon at Alum Bluff were mounted
in a crescent shaped earthwork
battery that consisted of artillery positions
connected by infantry trenches.

Southern troops also blocked the river
downstream by placing pilings and other
obstructions in the channel. Batteries were
also constructed at bluffs both above and
below Alum Bluff and the Confederate Navy
C.S.S. Chattahoochee added its
firepower to the army's efforts.

The efforts proved successful, as the Union
Garden of Eden Trail
The Nature Conservancy's
Garden of Eden Trail provides
access to the crest of Alum
Navy never attempted a major campaign on
the Apalachicola, despite the advice of Gen.
William Tecumseh Sherman that it do so.

Time has almost erased all traces of war at
Alum Bluff. The campsites can no longer be
distinguished from the beautiful forests and
most of the Confederate fortifications have
eroded into the Apalachicola River. A few
traces of the earthworks can still be seen
along the Nature Conservancy's Garden of
Eden Trail.  A better preserved and easier to
access battery site can be seen at nearby
Torreya State Park.

The Civil War site at Alum Bluff is now
preserved within the Apalachicola Bluffs and
Ravines Preserve.
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