Civil War Fortifications
Confederate troops placed
heavy cannon atop Alum Bluff
to defend the Apalachicola
River from Union attack.
Alum Bluff, Florida
The magnificent bluff near
Bristol is a remarkable
natural wonder.
Alum Bluff -  Historic Landmark in Liberty County, Florida - Apalachicola Bluffs and Ravines Preserve - Apalachicola Bluffs and Ravines Preserve
Alum Bluff and the Apalachicola River
The largest exposed section of the earth's crust in
Florida, Alum Bluff is an important natural wonder
and historic landmark.
Landmark on the Apalachicola
Florida is not known for its towering vistas
and scenic heights, but a hike through the
Apalachicola Bluffs and Ravines Preserve to
Alum Bluff just might change that impression.

Overlooking a sharp bend of the Apalachicola
River, Alum bluff is a treasure of geology and
history and is reported to be the largest
naturally exposed section of the earth's crust
in Florida. According to an old Liberty County
legend, it is also the site of the Biblical
Garden of Eden.

Preserved from development and open to the
public through the efforts of the Nature
Conservancy, Alum Bluff rises more than 130
feet above the
Apalachicola River. For the
commanding view it views of the gently
rolling lands of West Florida, it might as well
be one mile. The bluff is truly one of Florida's
most stunning natural wonders.

In addition to its natural and environmental
significance, Alum Bluff is steeped in history.
The rare Florida Torreya grows here, a tree
that local legend proclaims is the "gopher
wood" from which Noah built the ark. Bristol
writer E.E. Callaway believed that evidence
pointed to Alum Bluff as a possible site of the
Garden of Eden. His theories attracted much
attention locally and for many years signs on
Alum Bluff pointed out the locations of such
sites as the place where "Adem met Eve," etc.

Most scholars, of course, continue to believe
that the true Garden of Eden was in the
Middle East.

Andrew Jackson visited Alum Bluff in 1818 as
his army marched down the Apalachicola
The Apalachicola River
An overlook at Alum Bluff
provides spectacular views of
Florida's Apalachicola River.
during the First Seminole War. Soldiers killed
a Seminole warrior here as he tried to flee

The bluff also played a key role during the
Civil War. Confederate forces placed heavy
artillery here to defend the Apalachicola River
from Union attack and also used Alum Bluff
as a training camp for Southern troops.
Although most of the battery site has eroded
into the river, a few earthworks can still be
seen along the Nature Conservancy's
Garden of Eden Trail which leads out to the

The trailhead is located on Garden of Eden
Road (off S.R. 12), just north of Bristol.
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