The Battle of Van Buren, Arkansas
This page is provided to help you visualize the scene of the Battle of Van Buren as it appears today. Van Buren is now a
beautiful community nestled along a bend of the Arkansas River. Rich in history and historic sites, it is a favorite destination
for travelers on Interstate 40. Please do not reproduce these photographs without using the "Contact Us" button above to
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As the Union troops crested the ridges overlooking
Van Buren, the town spread out below them.
Smoke could be seen rising from steamboats as
Confederates tried to save men and supplies.
In one of the most dramatic scenes of the Civil War,
fighting soldiers charged down the main street of Van
Buren past started citizens who had received no
warning of the approaching battle.
The historic Crawford County Courthouse, still
standing in Van Buren, looks out on the scene of the
rush to the river. Severely damaged by fire in later
years, the structure is a beloved part of Van Buren. - The Battle of Van Buren, Arkansas
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Union troops opened fire on a retreating ferry from the
Van Buren riverfront, but most Confederates escaped.
Confederate artillery opened on the town from the
opposite bank later in the afternoon.
To respond to Confederate cannon fire from across
the Arkansas River, Union troops planted a battery of
rifled guns here at Fairview Cemetery and dueled with
the Southern cannon for some time.
This view looking across Fairview Cemetery shows
the rising nature of the ground. During the Civil War,
the cemetery provided a clear view all the way across
town to the Arkansas River.
The Confederate section of Fairview Cemetery
preserves the graves of men who died at Prairie
Grove, Cane Hill and Van Buren.
This grave is of one of Lt. Col. Crump's men. Several
members of the Confederate regiment were killed in
the fighting of December 28, 1862.
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