Stone Mountain, Georgia
One of the most impressive
sights in the South, Stone
Mountain has drawn visitors
for thousands of years. - Stone Mountain, Georgia - Stone Mountain, Georgia
Stone Mountain, Georgia
Confederate heroes Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee
and Stonewall Jackson ride in granite across the
face of Georgia's Stone Mountain.
View from Stone Mountain
The panorama seen from the
top of the mountain is
Stone Mountain Park
The park surrounding the
mountain offers shops, train
rides, entertainment and a
wide range of activities.
Walking on the Mountain
Visitors explore the top of the
ancient granite dome daily.
Stone Mountain Park - Atlanta, Georgia
Witness to Georgia's History
Visiting Stone Mountain, the massive granite
monolith on the outskirts of Atlanta, is
something of a rite of passage in the South.

Surrounding by a spectacular park, the
Georgia mountain is one of America's most
fascinating and visited attractions. Many
come to marvel at the carving of Confederate
heroes Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and
Stonewall Jackson that graces the face of the
mountain, while others come more to enjoy
the spectacular views and outstanding
activities offered by Stone Mountain Park.

The mountain has witnessed the passage of
history in the South since the first human
beings set foot in Georgia. Unusual stone
walls once stood on its top and are thought
to have been ceremonial structures erected
by prehistoric Native Americans thousands of
years ago. In more recent times, Cherokee
and Creek warriors marveled at the giant
granite monolith, as did early explorers of

The diaries and letters written by Union
soldiers who passed by during General
William Tecumseh Sherman's March to the
Sea reveal that many of them paused from
their fury of raiding, foraging and burning to
admire the magnificent mountain of stone.
One of Sherman's columns passed within
sight of the face of the mountain and soldiers
camped in the vicinity as they raided area
homes and farms with the smoke of the
burning city of Atlanta still visible behind them.

The mountain provided material for the
rebuilding of Atlanta and "Stone Mountain
granite" can be found in impressive
structures across the South. It is generally
thought that the claim that the mountain was
the "largest granite monolith in the world"
originated in these days. There are larger
granite outcrops in other places, but the old
legend is still popularly told in and around

The term "as solid as Stone Mountain" has
long held powerful meaning in Georgia. It
has been used to describe political
candidates and movements and symbolizes
the rise of the New South. The booming
skyline of Atlanta is clearly visible from the
top of the mountain.

While the mountain may not be the largest of
its type in the world, it does boast another
claim to fame. The massive bas-relief
carving on the north face of Stone Mountain is
the largest such artwork in the world.
Conceived by the United Daughters of the
Confederacy to serve as a permanent
memorial to three great heroes of the South -
President Jefferson Davis and Generals
Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. "Stonewall"
Jackson - the huge carving took more than
fifty years to complete.

Work was initiated by Gutzon Borglum, who
went on to carve another massive sculpture -
the heads of the American presidents on
Mount Rushmore. He worked on the carving
until 1923, when it was taken over by
Augustus Lukeman. There were many delays
over the years, but it was finally considered
complete in 1972.

Now owned by the State of Georgia, Stone
Mountain Park is operated by a private firm
that provides a wide range of activities for
visitors and also offers camping and other
For directions, admission
prices and more specific information, please
click here to visit the park's official website.

To reach Stone Mountain from the Interstate
285 Loop around Atlanta, take exit 39B and
follow U.S. 78 East for 7.7 miles to Exit 8, the
Stone Mountain Exit.
This page on the
mountain's website provides excellent driving
directions from just about any major highway
in the Atlanta area.
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