Marker at Elvis' Birthplace
The house where Elvis was
born is one of the South's
most popular historic sites.
Another View of the Home
The Presley family lived here
for only two years before
moving next door. - Elvis Presley Birthplace, Mississippi - Elvis Presley Birthplace, Mississippi
Elvis Presley Birthplace - Tupelo, Mississippi
Birthplace of Elvis Presley
This little frame house in Tupelo, Mississippi, was
the birthplace of the "King of Rock and Roll."
The Birthplace of a Music Legend
On a beautifully landscaped site in historic
Tupelo, Mississippi, stands the birthplace of
Elvis Presley.

The little frame home was built by Elvis'
father, Vernon Presley, for $180. The "King of
Rock and Roll" was born here on January 8,
1935. From these humble roots, Elvis
Presley became a cultural icon who
influenced the lives of millions of people
around the world.

The Elvis Presley Birthplace offers a uniquely
human perspective on the life of the man
who changed American music and inspired
generations of performers and artists. In
addition to the house, the memorial complex
features a museum, a statue of Elvis Presley
during childhood and other interpretive

The white-frame home offers a unique look
into Presley's early life and provides a stark
comparison to his successful years when he
was surrounded by mansions, jet airplanes
and hotel suites.

For fans of Elvis Presley or those with an
interest in music history, Tupelo provides a
unique chance to explore the early years of a
legend. This was the city where Elvis grew
up, learned to play the guitar, performed for
the first time, and was exposed to the blue,
gospel and country music that formed the
foundation of his unique style.

Located in Tupelo, for example, is the
hardware store where Gladys Presley
purchased a guitar for Elvis in 1946, trying to
divert her 11-year-old son's attention away
from a .22 caliber rifle. It proved to be an
inspired purchase. Two years later Elvis
performed at the local junior high school as
his family prepared to move to Memphis. It
was the first step on his road to stardom.

It is only a short drive of less than two hours
from Tupelo to Graceland in Memphis, but it
might as well be a journey of 1,000 miles.
The life of Elvis Presley memorialized at his
birthplace was one of a simple, hard-working
family struggling in the era of the World War II
and the Great Depression. It was a time far
removed from the gold and platinum records
and extravagant furnishings of his later home.

The family lived here for only two years when
Vernon Presley lost the home he had built
with his own hands.

The birthplace home  has been beautifully
restored to its appearance at the time of Elvis
Presley's birth. Consisting of only two rooms,
it was typical of the homes of Southern
working families of the era.

The museum is located at 306 Elvis Presley
Drive off U.S. 78 in Tupelo. To reach the
complex from the
Natchez Trace Parkway,
exit onto U.S. 78 east and follow the signs.
Elvis in Boyhood
A statue on the grounds of his
birthplace memorializes Elvis
Presley's boyhood years.
Elvis Presley Museum
A museum paying tribute to
Elvis' life in Tupelo stands on
the grounds of his birthplace.
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