Landmark Park
An array of historic structures
allow Landmark Park visitors
to step back into the past.
Museum of Agriculture
Landmark Park is Alabama's
Official Museum of Agriculture
and features an operating
farm with crops and animals.
Landmark Park - Dothan, Alabama
Landmark Park in Dothan, Alabama
Landmark Park in Dothan, Alabama
Waddell House at Landmark Park
Spring flowers frame the historic Waddell House at
Landmark Park in Dothan, Alabama.
History of the Wiregrass Region
Located on the northern edge of the modern
city of Dothan, Alabama, Landmark Park
offers visitors a chance to step back in time
to experience the history of a region known
as the "Wiregrass."

The name comes from wiregrass, a wiry
plant that grows in tufts in the pine woods
stretching through Mississippi, Florida,
Alabama and Georgia. A favorite food for
quail and gopher tortoises, it does not live
north of South Carolina. If you would like to
learn more about wiregrass and see
please click here.

This region spawned a unique culture of
small communities and farms dating back to
the early 1800s. This was the "other South,"
far removed from the large mansions and
slave quarters of the plantation belts.

Wiregrass people were hard working and
honorable. They attended church, sent their
children to one-room schools, worked hard
to provide for their families, and built homes,
farms and towns in the the piney woods.

Much of this culture has faded away now, but  
it can be explored at Landmark Park in
Dothan. The park features natural areas,
boardwalks and even a planetarium, but its
real highlight is an astounding collection of
historic structures assembled from around
the Wiregrass. There is a century old drug-
store with a working soda fountain, a general
store, a one-room school, a historic church
and a working farm where visitors can see
what agriculture was like in the early days of
this region.

Built around the historic Waddell House, long
a landmark in Dothan, the living history farm
features crops, gardens and livestock as well
as a variety of original structures including a
syrup shed, bard, blacksmith shop and log

Nearby, on the nature trail, visitors can see a
preserved section of a massive cypress tree.
Nearly head high, the stunning tree trunk is
one of the few reminders of the giant cypress
that once grew in this region. Almost all of
these ancient giants were cut down more
than a century ago to provide lumber and
shingles, but the preserved section helps
modern generations to imagine the ancient
forests that greeted the first Wiregrass

A variety of annual events are held at the
park. Some key activities planned this year a
series of heritage forums on Sundays in July,
the Johnny Mack Brown Western Festival on
May 9th (named for Dothan's famed film star
of the Western era), the Wiregrass Heritage
Festival on October 24th and the Victorian
Christmas on December 13th.

Landmark Park is located off U.S. 431 North
in Dothan. The park is open Monday through
Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and from 12
noon until 6 p.m. on Sundays. For more
please click here to visit their
Log Cabin at Landmark Park
Many of the structures at
Dothan's Landmark Park are
more than 100 years old.
Giant Cypress Exhibit
This preserved section of a
giant cypress tree is more
than 1,000 years old.
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