Fort Mitchell, Alabama
This page contains a series of photographs of Fort Mitchell Historic Site in Fort Mitchell, Alabama. They are provided to help
you better visualize this impressive Southern historic site. Please do not reuse these copyrighted photographs without
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The visitor center at Fort Mitchell Historic Site is quite
impressive and features a film, artifacts and a
walk-through museum exploring the history of the site.
The visitor center features a walk through life-sized
exhibits that tell the history of Fort Mitchell. This is the
section interpreting the sites role in the Civil War.
A restored 19th century log home stands across the
parking lot from the visitor center.
The carriage museum at Fort Mitchell houses one of
the finest collections of historic carriages in the world.
Photographs of Fort Mitchell Historic Site
General James Canty (C.S.A.) is among those buried
in the two historic cemeteries at Fort Mitchell. Others
include the Yuchi leader Timpoochee Barnard.
The 1813 stockade has been reconstructed at Fort
Mitchell. Archaeological excavations were used to
pinpoint details on the design of the fort.
Fort Mitchell was an important outpost during both the
Creek War of 1813-1814 and the Creek War of 1836.
The blockhouses of the fort feature loopholes from
which soldiers could fire on an attacking enemy.
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