Mountainburg, Arkansas
An Ozark Mountain T-Rex?
A T-Rex looks out on the Boston
Mountains Scenic Loop in
Mountainburg, Arkansas.
Mountainburg Dinosaurs
The brontosaurus in the
Mountainburg City Park is large
enough for kids to climb through
and explore.
Mountainburg - Arkansas
Dinosaurs in the City Park
Mountainburg, Arkansas
The appropriately named town of
Mountainburg, Arkansas, was a
thriving community during the days
when U.S. Highway 71 was the
primary way to reach Fayetteville and
Northwest Arkansas from Fort Smith
and the Arkansas River Valley.

Today it is a sleepy community, but
here among the mountains on the
Boston Mountains Scenic Loop is an
attraction that is a favorite with kids.
Looking out over the highway in the
Mountainburg City Park are two
recreated dinosaurs.

The reptiles were designed and
constructed by local resident Douglas
Birchfield at the request of city leaders
after they saw another dinosaur he
built nearby to cheer up a family
member who was in poor health.

A T-Rex and brontosaurus were
placed in the city park in 1980 and
have delighted scores of children ever
Mountainburg is located on U.S. Highway 71
north of Alma and can also be reached from
an exit on Interstate 540. The park is
Boston Mountains Scenic Loop
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