Boston Mountains in Fall
The Boston Mountains Scenic
Loops is particularly stunning
during the autumn.
Bobby Hopper Tunnel
The Bobby Hopper Tunnel on
Interstate 540 takes drivers
through the Boston Mountains
Boston Mountains Scenic Loop - Boston Mountains, Arkansas - Boston Mountains Scenic Loop - Arkansas - Boston Mountains Scenic Loop - Arkansas
Boston Mountains Scenic Looop
This photograph was taken from Artist Point, a
popular overlook on the Boston Mountains Scenic
Loop in Western Arkansas.
Spectacular Mountain Scenery
Stretching across the horizon between the
Arkansas River Valley and Northwest
Arkansas, the Boston Mountains offer
spectacular scenery and a chance to explore
a section of the
picturesque Ozarks literally
from the window of your own car.

State tourism officials have used sections of
both Interstate 540 and U.S. Highway 71 to
create the Boston Mountains Scenic Loop.

A beautiful drive through the heart of the
Boston Mountains area of the Ozarks, the
loop can be reached by following either I-540
or U.S. 71 north from Fort Smith, Van Buren
and Alma or south from Fayetteville and the
Northwest Arkansas metropolitan area.

A comfortable drive that can be completed in
one day, the scenic loop offers sweeping
vistas, a fascinating tunnel carved through
the heart of a mountain and access to a wide
array of historic sites and points of interest.

The U.S. 71 section of the loop is a great
place for exploring Americana. This area was
a popular tourist destination decades ago
and many signs of the past can be found
along the highway. The completion of the
massive new Lake Fort Smith and the
beautiful new Lake Fort Smith State Park is
bringing tourists flocking back to the region
for a wide array of activities on the beautiful
mountain lake.

A popular attraction for those with small kids
are the
unique dinosaurs that stand just off
U.S. 71 in the picturesque little town of
Mountainburg. Designed and constructed by
a local resident, a T-Rex and brontosaurus
have graced the community's city park since

Also along the U.S. 71 section of the loop is
Artist Point, a spectacular overlook where
drivers can pause for a stunning view of the
Boston Mountains beyond.

Fayetteville, at the northern end of the loop, is
the home of the University of Arkansas and
boasts a wide array of attractions including
numerous historic sites. Among them is the
Headquarters House, scene of the Civil War
Battle of Fayetteville.
Nearby is Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park,
a beautifully preserved setting where one of
the largest Civil War battles west of the
Mississippi was fought on December 7,

Exits #45 and #53 on the Interstate 540 part
of the scenic loop both lead through the
beautiful Boston Mountain country to
Den State Park.

Van Buren, Alma and Fort Smith at the lower
end of the loop are beautiful and historic
cities. Van Buren is noted for its historic
downtown while Fort Smith is the setting of
Fort Smith National Historic Site.

Please click here to visit the state's official
website for the Boston Mountains Scenic
Devil's Den State Park
This beautiful state park
facility is accessible from the
I-540 section of the Boston
Mountains Scenic Loop.
Stunning Fall Colors
Trees explode in colors of
red, orange and gold along
the Boston Mountains Scenic
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