Tombs of a Vanished City
The historic Old St. Joseph
Cemetery contains the graves
of citizens of Florida's last city.
Florida's First Constitution
This 1922 monument near
the shore of St. Joseph Bay
commemorates the signing
here of Florida's first
Port St. Joe and St. Joseph Bay, Florida - Historic Sites of Port St. Joe, Florida - Historic Sites of Port St. Joe, Florida
The Story of Florida's Lost City
Beautiful and Historic St. Joseph Bay
Sparkling waters and a rich history combine to make
Port St. Joe one of Florida's most unique cities.
The legend of the lost city of St. Joseph is a
major part of the history and folklore of
Northwest Florida. The growing coastal
community of Port St. Joe now stands on the

Located on the shores of St. Joseph Bay, the
old city of St. Joseph was for a time the
largest in all of Florida. It disappeared almost
without a trace during the 1840s, however,
spawning many tall tales about the
mysterious city that once stood by the bay.

Among these are the stories of a massive
yellow fever epidemic and of "The Great
Tide." Legend holds that the old city was so
wicked, the God sent a plague of fever and
then used a tidal wave to wash away what
was left.

In truth, the city was all but destroyed by a
yellow fever epidemic and did suffer during a
great hurricane, but it was really the
economic power of nearby Apalachicola that
finally destroyed what remained of the old
city. The two had been bitter rivals, but due to
its location at the mouth of the river for which
it was named, Apalachicola prevailed.

The charming coastal city of Port St. Joe is
now a great place for exploring not only the
history of Old St. Joseph, but also some of
the most beautiful coastal scenery in Florida.
Located in Gulf County between Panama City
and Apalachicola, Port St. Joe has revitalized
itself from a fading industrial town to one of
the newest and best planned vacation and
residential areas on the Florida Gulf Coast.

The community now features numerous
amenities and is the gateway to beautiful
Cape San Blas and some of the most
spectacular beaches in Florida.
Despite all the progress, however, traces
remain of a rich history that joins with a
fragile environment and spectacular scenery
to make this one of the most intriguing
places in Florida.

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