The Florida Torreya
One of the oldest identified
species on earth, the Florida
Torreya is extremely rare but
can still be seen in the park.
Torreya State Park
The brick walk leading to the
rear of the Gregory House is a
stunning spot on a clear day.
Torreya State Park - Liberty County, Florida - Torreya State Park, Florida - Torreya State Park, Florida
The Gregory House
This beautiful antebellum home is carefully
preserved by the staff of Torreya State Park.
Rare Trees and a Unique History
Located 15 miles south of Chattahoochee
and 11 miles north of Bristol, Torreya State
Park is one of the most remarkable spots in

The park takes its name from the Florida
Torreya. One of the rarest trees on earth, the
Torreya still grows in the park. Local legend
holds that it is the "gopher wood" from which
Noah built the ark.

Whether Noah ever walked these bluffs, they
do form an ecological "Garden of Eden." In
addition to the Torreya, numerous other rare
plants grow in the fragile environment of the
park and nearby Apalachicola Bluffs and
Ravines Preserve.

The rare plants and spectacular scenery
make Torreya a hiker's dream. There are
numerous hiking trails, some of which are
among the most strenuous in Florida thanks
to the park's almost mountain-like feel.

Torreya is also home to a variety of sites of
historical importance, including the remains
of a Civil War artillery battery and the restored
Gregory House, a beautiful antebellum
mansion that once stood at Ocheesee
Landing across the river from the park.

Torreya State Park offers a wide variety of
other amenities, including scenic views from
the top of the bluff, camping areas, picnic
tables, hiking trails, a gift shop and more.
The park is open seven days each week.
Admission is only $2 per vehicle. A small fee
is also charged to tour the Gregory House.
The Civil War at Torreya
These earthworks were built
by Confederates during the
Civil War to protect the
Apalachicola River from
Union attack.
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