The Apalachicola River
Rich in history and natural
wonders, the Apalachicola
flows past Torreya State Park.
A Hiker's Paradise
Miles of hiking and nature
trails lead through the bluffs
and ravines at Torreya. - Other Highlights of Torreya State Park - Other Highlights of Torreya State Park
Torreya State Park: Other Highlights - Liberty County, Florida
Spring at Torreya State Park
The spring blooming season always brings an
explosion of color to Torreya State Park.
History, Hiking, Picnics and More
In addition to its major attractions such as
Gregory House, the Florida Torreya and
Civil War earthworks ,Torreya State Park
offers a variety of other historical, recreational
and sightseeing opportunities.

Native Americans occupied and hunted the
lands in the park for thousands of years
before the first European settlers entered the
region. Artifacts from various prehistoric time
periods have been found in the park and a
small mound was located by archaeologists
at Rock Bluff decades ago.

The high bluff in the park has been a
landmark for centuries. The Battle of
Ocheesee was fought in the Apalachicola
River off the park between U.S. troops and
Creek and Seminole warriors in 1817. The
park was also along the route of Andrew
Jackson's 1818 invasion of Spanish Florida.

With the arrival of steamboat traffic on the
river during the 19th century, early settlers
established an important landing at Rock
Bluff in the park. A warehouse was built here
and small boats also provided a way for
travelers to get back and forth across the river.

Many of these sites can be experienced
along the park's nature trails, which wind for
miles through the high bluffs and ravines. In
fact, Torreya offers hikers a unique chance to
experience "mountain like" hiking without
ever leaving the Sunshine State.

For the less adventurous, the park features a
shorter nature trail that leads down to the
river from the Gregory House. Florida Torreya
trees, equally rare Florida Yew trees and a
variety of other unique plant and animal life
can be seen along the path.

Other facilities include campgrounds, a very
nice picnic area and more. The park is quite
colorful in the spring, when blooming trees
and shrubs create spectacular splashes of
color through the woods of the bluffs and

More information can be obtained by visiting
official park website.
River Bluff Trail
This short but strenuous trail
loops from the Gregory
House down the bluff to the
Apalachicola River and back.
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