Sally Ward Spring - Wakulla Springs, Florida
Sally Ward Spring
The "other spring" of Wakulla Springs State Park,
Sally Ward Spring is located near the entrance to
the park and is often overlooked by visitors.
Sally Ward Spring
Much smaller than nearby Wakulla
Springs, Sally Ward Spring also
feeds the Wakulla River.
Wakulla Springs, Florida
Wakulla's Overlooked Spring
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Wakulla's Other Spring
Sally Ward Spring rises from a
deep cave system near the gate to
Wakulla Springs State Park.
Florida Springs
Florida is home to more than 700
natural springs, more than any
other place on earth. They result
from the state's unique karst
Sally Ward Spring flows into the Wakulla
River just downstream from Wakulla Springs,
its larger and more famous sister spring. It is
located inside
Wakulla Springs State Park.

Often overlooked by visitors to the popular
park, Sally Ward Spring is unique in its own
right. Eighteen feet deep where its water
flows out from a massive cave system, the
spring is formed by the unique topography of
the Woodville Karst Plain.

Karst is the name geologists use for the rock
that is beneath the surface in states like
Florida. Limestone and dolomite, which are
found in Florida, are easily eroded. Water
slowly eats away at the rock over thousands
of years forming caves, tunnels and natural

Florida, in fact, is home to more than 740
natural springs. It is thought to have more
springs than any other place on earth.

Much smaller than nearby Wakulla Springs,
Sally Ward Spring feeds a spring run that
rises to the west near the Bethel community
at Indian Spring. After combining with the
water from Sally Ward, the stream flows past
the main basin of Wakulla Springs and
enters the Wakulla River about 600 feet
downstream from its source.

According to the Northwest Florida Water
Management District, the spring produces
around 4.45 cubic feet (33.3 gallons) of water
per second. The year-round temperature of
the water as it rises from the spring is 67.5

Along with Indian Spring, Westside Spring
and Wakulla Spring, Sally Ward Spring forms
the head of the Wakulla River. The crystal
clear river is a Florida treasure.

Researchers from the Woodville Karst Plain
Project (WKPP) have explored and mapped
the caves beneath Sally Ward Spring. In 2008
they conducted dye tests that proved a rapid
flow of water between the spring and Ames
Sink, a major sink at the lower or southern
end of Munson Slough near
That study determined that water flows from
the sink to Sally Ward Spring in only 15 days
while also providing some idea of the extent
of the cave system that feeds not only Sally
Ward, but Indian and Wakulla Springs as

Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park is
located at 465 Wakulla Park Drive, Wakulla
Springs, Florida 32327. The daily entrance
fee is $6 ($4 is the driver is the only person in
the vehicle). Pedestrians and bicyclists are
admitted for $2 each.

The park is open from 8 a.m. until dark, 365
days per year.