Muskogee Azalea Festival
The 2015 Muskogee Azalea
Festival takes place April 1-20,
2015 in Muskogee, Oklahoma.
Muskogee Azalea Festival 2015 - Muskogee, Oklahoma
Muskogee Azalea Festival - Muskogee, Oklahoma
Muskogee Azalea Festival - Muskogee, Oklahoma
2015 Muskogee Azalea Festival
One of the premier attractions in Oklahoma and the
South, the annual Muskogee Azalea Festival takes
place in April of each year.
Spring in Oklahoma
Honor Heights Park features
40 acres of blooming trees
and plants each spring.
Azalea Time in Oklahoma, 2015!
One of the top annual events in the South, the
Muskogee Azalea Festival takes place each
spring in the historic city of

The Muskogee Azalea Festival takes place
each April.

Considered one of America's finest spring
events, the Muskogee Azalea Festival draws
visitors from around the world. The blooms
are located at Honor Heights Park and
associated events take place throughout the

Honor Heights Park is located atop a hill
overlooking the city and features 40 acres of
beautifully landscaped gardens featuring
azaleas, dogwoods, redbuds and a host of
other blooming plants. The highlight of the
park, of course, is its azalea plants. There
are 625 varieties and over 30,000 plants.

Honor Heights Park also features picnic
areas, walking trails, a picturesque lake, and
a new Butterfly Sanctuary. The festival also
features food, carriage rides and more.

The Muskogee Azalea Festival features both
a driving tour that loops through the park and
magnificent azaleas and flowering trees and
walking trails and sidewalks that allow
visitors to get up close and personal with
nature. Be sure to bring your camera,
because it truly is an unbelievable sight.

A schedule for this year's event is available at
right. Please keep in mind that the exact
dates for seeing best blooms vary some
from year to year. The blooms in 2014 were
very late, so it all depends on how cold the
winter will be and how early spring comes
next year!

For photos from previous events, please
follow the link in the yellow box on the lower
right hand corner of this page.

Honor Heights Park, the scene of the festival,
is open to the public daily.

The park was purchased by the City of
Muskogee in 1909 and is considered the
"crown jewel" of the city's park system for
good reason.

Covering 132 acres, it features five lakes,
fountains, walking paths, a rose garden,
gazebo, arboretum and, of course, the
magnificent plantings of azaleas, dogwoods
and other blooming plants that explode with
color each spring.

Honor Heights Park is a great place to visit
year-round with outstanding nature trails,  
native tree plantings, perennial gardens
noted for their butterflies, rose gardens and
more. In addition to the annual Muskogee
Azalea Festival, they host the Garden of
Lights event each December when they are
decked out with over 1,000,000 beautiful
Christmas lights.
The Muskogee Azalea Festival is underway but
the azaleas are a little slow this year. The
weekend of April 17-19 looks like the best time
to see them, but other blooms are out and
looking good for the parade on April 11!


April 1 - April 20
Muskogee Azalea Festival
Honor Heights Park
641 Park Drive - Muskogee, Oklahoma

Parade - April 11 at 11 a.m.
Hundreds of Varieties
The Muskogee Azalea
Festival celebrates the 635
varieties that grow at Honor
Heights Park.
Muskogee Azalea Festival
The annual festival is one of
the prime spring events in the
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Carriages and Flowers
Admirers view the flowers
from a horse-drawn carriage
that makes the rounds
through Honor Heights Park.
The magnificence of the spring blooms
varies from year to year depending on
weather, rainfall, cold weather and other
conditions. It is hard to predict until festival
time exactly how colorful the blooms will be
and when they will peak.

Honor Heights Park is located at 641 Park
Drive in Muskogee, Oklahoma. It is off North
48th Street.

For information on places to stay and eat or
for details on other activities in Muskogee,
check out:

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Heights Park.
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