Little River Falls
An accessible boardwalk
leads visitors from a parking
area on Canyon Rim Drive to
a fantastic view of the falls.
Little River Canyon
Called the "Grand Canyon of
the East," the canyon is more
than 11 miles long and up to
700 feet deep. - Little River Canyon, Alabama - Little River Canyon, Alabama
Canyon Rim Drive - Little River Canyon, Alabama
Little River Canyon
Canyon Rim Drive leads past a series of overlooks
that provide spectacular vistas of the canyon.
Touring an Alabama Treasure
For most visitors, the best way to explore
Alabama's spectacular
Little River Canyon
National Preserve is by the paved scenic
road that leads along the western rim of the

Canyon Rim Drive (Alabama Highway 176)
connects eight overlooks along an 11 mile
stretch of Little River Canyon. They provide
outstanding vistas of the canyon and its
natural features, as well as picnic areas,
restroom facilities and interpretive displays
on the natural history of the park.

The drive begins near Little River Falls where
Alabama Highway 35 from Fort Payne
crosses the Little River. After entering the
national preserve, just watch for Highway 176
leading to your right. (
Click here for a map).

The following overlooks can be found along
the scenic drive:

Little River Falls Overlook - Located high on
the west rim of the canyon, this overlook is
accessible to visitors of all abilities. A
boardwalk leads from the parking area to the
actual overlook, which provides a spectacular
view of Little River Falls and the rapids below

Lynn Overlook - This overlook provides very
nice views of the upper canyon. A gravel
parking lot adjoins the overlook, which takes
visitors to the very edge of Little River Canyon.

Mushroom Rock - Not actually an overlook,
Mushroom Rock is an unusual natural
formation that rises literally in the middle of
Canyon Rim Drive. The roadway divides to
pass around it. A number of other unusual
rock formations can be seen in the
immediate area.

Hawks Glide - This overlook is noteworthy
because visitors can often see hawks and
other birds gliding over the canyon in the

Canyon View - One of the nicest views of the
canyon can be obtained from this overlook,
which is located on the north side of the
mouth of Wolf Creek. The view down the
canyon from the point is simply spectacular.

Wolf Creek  - Located opposite the creek
from Canyon View, this overlook also
provides spectacular vistas both up and
down one of the deepest stretches of the
Crow Point - Overlooking the canyon from a
point at the mouth of Bear Creek, this
overlook requires a steep walk but provides
an outstanding view down the canyon.

Grace's High Falls - This roadside vista is
accessible to visitors of all abilities and
provides a nice view of one of the highest
waterfalls in Alabama. The falls are seasonal
and are best seen during the winter and early

Eberhart Point - This overlook and picnic
area provides restrooms and picnic tables
as well as excellent views of the canyon. For
the adventurous, a steep trail leads down to
the canyon floor. Be forewarned, however,
that the climb back up is extremely difficult.

The scenic drive ends here, but visitors can
continue on to the canyon mouth via Highway
148 and visit Canyon Mouth Recreation Area
or retrace their route back to Highway 35.

There is no charge to visit Canyon Rim Drive
and its many overlooks and points of interest.
Grace's High Falls
This seasonal waterfall, one
of the highest in Alabama,
can be viewed from an
overlook on Canyon Rim
Little River Canyon in Winter
The views from Canyon Rim
Drive are spectacular in both
summer and winter.
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