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Grand Gulf Military Monument - Submarine
The Mississippi Submarine - A Relic of Prohibition
The Grand Gulf Submarine
A relic from the days of Prohibition, this little
submarine is now on display at Grand Gulf.
While the Grand Gulf Military Monument is primarily dedicated to
preserving and interpreting the sites associated with the Battle of
Grand Gulf, it also preserves the location of the historic Mississippi
town of Grand Gulf and a number of unique artifacts. Among these is
one of the most fascinating vessels to be found anywhere in the
South, a moonshine running submarine!

The unique little submarine was the ingenious creation of men who
made illegal whiskey during the days when Prohibition had
outlawed alcoholic drinks in the United States. Powered by a Model
T Ford engine, the submarine was used to smuggle homemade
whiskey from Davis Island in the Mississippi River to the city of

The submarine appears to have been fully functional in its day and
there is no way of knowing how many trips it actually made.

Legend holds that a number of such vessels were constructed
around the South during the Prohibition era, but the one at Grand
Gulf is the only one known to survive. It was a time that inspired
considerable ingenuity as the demand for liquor in larger towns and
cities across the nation created the financial incentive needed to
make smuggling a profitable venture.

Today it is exhibited near the visitor center and museum at Grand
Gulf Military Monument as a unique reminder of the colorful history of
Mississippi. A preserved moonshine still once used in the area is
displayed next to the submarine and both relics are popular with
visitors to the park.
Another View of the Grand Gulf Submarine
This is a bow view of the Grand Gulf submarine.
The vessel was sleek and well-constructed,
considering its homemade design!