Grotto Spring
So named because it flows
from a natural grotto, Grotto
Spring is located on Spring
Street in Eureka Springs.
Magnetic Spring
Surrounded by a small park,
Magnetic Spring flows from
the mountain down the slope
from the grounds of the Great
Passion Play.
The Historic Springs of Eureka Springs, Arkansas - Springs of Eureka Springs, Arkansas - Springs of Eureka Springs, Arkansas
Historic Crescent Spring
A charming gazebo covers Crescent Spring, one of a
number of natural springs that still flow from the
hillsides of Eureka Springs, Arkansas.
Mineral Water from the Mountain
As you might expect, the city of Eureka
Springs takes its name from springs that
flow from the mountainsides surrounding the
Arkansas landmark.

Long before tourists began coming here, at
least sixty-two springs flowed from the
Ozarks hillsides at the site of Eureka
Springs. They played a vital part in the
modern development of the community, as
many people during the 19th century believed
that the mineral waters held curative

The presence of so many springs and their
unusual high quality prompted developers to
build a resort community, where visitors
came to "take the waters." They drank the
pure mountain water and soaked in spas,
several of which still stand.

Of the original sixty-two springs, more than
one dozen have been restored and can still
be seen. Probably the most famous of these
is Basin Spring. Located at the heart of
Eureka Springs, Basin Spring is surrounded
by a beautiful little park that is a center of life
and activity in the community.

Another favorite is Crescent Spring, on
Spring Street. Covered by a restored Victorian
gazebo, the spring is surrounded by beautiful
landscaping. A stone staircase leads up the
mountainside to a trail connecting it with the
historic Crescent Hotel.

Nearby Grotto Spring, also on Spring Street,
is so named because it flows from a
fascinating mountainside cave.

The springs are scattered all through the
Eureka Springs valley. A number can be
seen along Spring Street, one of the main
avenues of the downtown area. Two are
located on Magnetic Road, which leads from
downtown up Magnetic Mountain to the
grounds of the Great Passion Play.
Four more can be found on Douglas and
Steele Streets on East Mountain. One of
these is the Carrie Nation Spring, named for
the well-known anti-liquor crusader who lived
nearby. Her home, in fact, stands just across
the street from the spring.

Small signs can be found directing visitors to
the various springs, so just watch for them
and you will have no trouble.

Please keep in mind that the water from the
springs is no longer considered safe to drink.
Blue Spring Heritage Center
The largest spring in the
Eureka Springs area is now
the focal point of Blue Spring
Heritage Center, located just
northwest of town.
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