Pivot Rock Park
Walkways lead past other
unique formations to Pivot
Rock and the Natural Bridge.
Pivot Rock and Natural Bridge - Eureka Springs, Arkansas
ExploreSouthernHistory.com - Pivot Rock and Natural Bridge, Arkansas
ExploreSouthernHistory.com - Pivot Rock and Natural Bridge, Arkansas
Pivot Rock in Eureka Springs
A passenger and conductor discuss the history of
the ES&NA Railway, a historic railroad operating
from Eureka Springs, Arkansas.
Unique Geological Formations
One of the more fun attractions in Eureka
Springs has been around for so long that it
has attained historic status - as an attraction!

Pivot Rock is one of several unique natural
formations at Pivot Rock Park, located on
Pivot Rock Road off Highway 62 West in
Eureka Springs.

First developed as a tourist attraction more
than 100 years ago, the park features paved
pathways winding through unique rock
formations and the beautiful natural
mountain scenery of the Ozarks. According to
legend, however, the deep ravines and caves
of the park attracted a different kind of visitor
during the years after the Civil War. Tradition
holds that this was one of the many hideouts
of the outlaw Jesse James and the
James-Younger Gang, the notorious band of
Old West train and bank robbers.

To be honest, many places in the Ozarks
make such Jesse James claims, but the
gang was definitely active in this area and the
legend is a solid part of local folklore.

Pivot Rock, the unique formation that gives
the park its name, was colorfully described
by an Arkansas writer in 1935 as, "a top
balanced on its pointed end."  The formation
is about twice the height of an average
person and the old description is fairly
accurate. It has been featured in Ripley's
Believe It or Not and generations of visitors to
Eureka Springs have been photographed
standing beneath it.

It addition to its namesake formation, Pivot
Rock Park also includes a very pretty little
natural bridge, steep bluffs, ravines and
small caves.

A fee is charged for visiting the park, which is
open during the spring, summer and fall
months. Other features include a picnic area,
country store and a display of antique farm
equipment. The park is particularly beautiful
during the spring blooming and fall leaf
change seasons.
One bit of advice, the walk out the paved trail
to Pivot Rock is a bit strenuous, so take your
health into consideration before you make
the attempt. Also, for some reason some
visitors find the park a little hard to find, so -
as the signs say - just make sure you follow
Pivot Rock Road ALL the way to the end. The
park is at 1708 Pivot Rock Road.

If you are interested in learning about other
natural wonders in the Eureka Springs area,
be sure to visit our pages on
Blue Spring
Heritage Center and the Springs of Eureka

There are also many other natural attractions
in the area due to the city's setting in the
heart of the beautiful
Ozarks of Arkansas.
Natural Bridge at Pivot Rock
The unique Natural Bridge
formation at Pivot Rock Park
stands about head-high.
Another View of Pivot Rock
The unique formation has
been featured in
"Believe It or Not!"
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